Iceland - Day 1: Reykjavik/Keflavik

We landed in Iceland around 7 am - with an overnight flight we thought "oh we'll just sleep on the plane and then hit the city once we land" .. HAHA I seriously wish I had planned just one day for us to sleep, get ahead of the jet lag, and then another to explore the city! 

We got our car rental - super cute by the way, kinda goofy but that's okay!

Then we set off for our AirBnb. It's exactly 7 minutes from the airport, but there is seriously NO air traffic noise! I was worried we'd be hearing the jets coming in and taking off all day and night but I have yet to hear anything but the wind whistling through the cracks of our door. 

This place has the most incredible view, and it's quite spacious! The view isn't too bad either. You can rent it via AirBnb here

Luckily, the list of things we wanted to see in the city we accomplished in just a few hours, rather than an entire day like I expected! 

After a quick nap we set out for coffee, I had read about Reykjavik Roasters many times so I figured we out to do it! It was a very hipster style shop. Lounge chairs, couches, only a couple tables and almost everything was full! Alec and I both enjoyed a delicious Mocha w/ cream and we shared a chocolate croissant. 

You could also see them roasting fresh beans just a few steps away! It smelled heavenly, and reminded me of my Daily Rise. 

There was this adorable coral house just outside the window, I think we should paint our house now!

Apparently, the city is overrun by cats! Sounds like my kind of city. So far I have spotted 3, and we caught this guy just outside of the coffee house. 

After this we stopped by Hallgrimskirkja, the tallest church in Iceland. We also went to The Settlement Exhibition - it normally costs about $14 USD to get in but the kind gentlemen let us through without paying. Due to the fact there were a bunch of school kids running around for a field trip! To be honest, it was cool and we learned some, but I'm glad we did not have to pay for it. It took us about 30 minutes to go through the entire thing. 

Once we got back to the car, we had a parking ticket! I'll come back to this later .. 

We were in need of some lunch and it was raining so I didn't feel like standing outside by a hot dog stand like we had planned. We decided to go to our dinner choice Kex Hostel where they have a delicious Gastro Pub. This place was really weird, you go in to the hostel entrance, and you walk up some creepy stairs until you find the restaurant. There are no signs, we just hoped we were in the right place! For all I know we still weren't but hey, they had a good burger!

After lunch we made the trek back to our AirBnb for a nap, our second of the day! Worth it. 

Since we had our dinner pick for lunch I had to find another restaurant for us to have dinner at. If you saw my Travel Planning Tips + Tricks post you know that I have to thoroughly research the place. The menu mostly, Alec is just so picky! We also wanted to stay close by since Reykjavik is such a drive!

Our hosts left a list of local food and I'm seriously still grossed out. One offered "blood pudding" and I just thought - oh that's a weird name and then I Googled it! DON'T GOOGLE IT. Okay, well actually you should because its gross. It's made from sheep innards and it looks like it too. There was also sheep brain, and whale steak. I was prepared for weird food, but I was prepared for puffin or reindeer!

We decided on a local "Thai" restaurant, called Thai Keflavik. It's not exactly Thai, or at least I don't think so. They had Thai, but they also had sushi, curries, fried rice, etc. We ordered their Pad Thai, and then I asked the waitress what her favorite dish was! She said the fried rice, so we got both and they were SO good. A little expensive, but as is most places in Iceland. It was about $25-30 USD per plate and the cheapest beer was $7 USD.

Things I wish I knew: 

1. If you card wasn't issued in Iceland, the parking meters won't accept them! Its a recent problem apparently, and caused us to get a parking ticket. So I wish I had known to get change to keep in my pocket!

2. Reykjavik is about 45 minutes away from where we are staying. I don't mind the drive, but the gas is so expensive here I wish we would have found something closer to the city!

3. IT'S NOT THAT COLD! Holy cow, everyone scared me so much. I honestly have 3 coats packed and I haven't touched any of them. Neither has Alec! I've been running around in a sweater and jacket (see below) all day. I mean I wish I had a beanie when the wind kicks up but it didn't match my outfit so I just made it work! I'll keep you guys posted on if it gets colder when we head up North, i'm sure it will but at least i'm prepared. 

Sweater: H&M on Sale (similar here) // Jacket: Jill's Closet (literally Jill's closet!) // Bag: Maiook Bags // Jeans: Old Navy

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