24 Hours in Paris

We’re going to start from the very end of our Baby Moon with Paris!

We planned to have just to have the one night in Paris for a couple of different reasons, the first being we spent 5 days in Paris during our Europe trip last year. Second, we don’t really like Paris.

Yes .. I said it. But Paris is just not our favorite. We even joked that someday baby girl is going to demand we take her to Paris, and we’ll tell her “we’ll literally take you anywhere in the world, and you want to go to Paris?!” I then escalated the situation by saying .. “what if she wants to go to Paris - Disney Land?!” .. At this point we agreed that there must be another secret set of parents raising our child.

Anyway, 24 hours in Paris is just what we needed. There are parts of Paris that I love, the language, the food, the Eiffel Tower never ceases to take my breath away, so 24 hours gave us just enough time to enjoy these pieces.

We returned our car to the CDG (Charles de Gaulle) airport, from there you can buy a ticket at the kiosk that will get you into Paris from the airport. This cost about 17€ for the two of us. Also this ticket is good for the RER, Bus, Metro, etc. But it immediately stops working once inside the city.

*There is a weekly pass you can buy called the Navigo pass that is about 20€ (per person) and is good for an entire week. I couldn’t remember how much this pass had cost and we honestly spent close to, or more than that getting around Paris, so we should have just purchased this pass again.

Google and Apple Maps make life SO easy, they tell you what station to go to, what line to change to, what station to change lines, etc. Seriously, you will be hopping on and off the metro like a pro.

After a hop, skip and a jump, we arrived at the beautiful hotel Grands Boulevards. This was our splurge night, since we only had one night in Paris so we decided to stay somewhere nice! This hotel is everything it says, gorgeous, trendy, comfortable. I just loved it so much! It was also like 10 feet away from the metro line exit - you literally get off at the Grands Boulevards station.

It took us about 1 hour travel time to get from the airport to the hotel.


Once we got settled in, we ordered a cheese plate (because, duh, room service). I didn’t want to spend too much time walking around Paris, but I also wanted to make sure we got to visit a couple places before it got dark. So we hit the streets!

First on my list was the Louvre, we could have easily hopped on the metro and been there in 10 minutes, but I really just wanted to walk the streets of Paris. We didn’t have time to stroll around last year and I feel like thats where you get to experience the city the most. Walking from the hotel to the museum took about 20-25 minutes - but seriously, its worth it.

Last year we did a big/long guided tour, so we didn’t feel the need to go inside. However it was pouring rain and we never got pictures with the iconic pyramids! Upon arriving, I was so overwhelmed by the amount of tourists. Like I said, last year it was pouring rain so everyone had fled the scene. This year it was perfect weather and EVERYONE was there.

After sitting here for a few minutes to rest, we realized that the light was quickly running out, and it is about a 45 minute walk from the Louvre to the Eiffel Tower. So we decided to hop on the metro, cutting it down to about 20 minutes!

We arrived just in time to get out of focus, grainy, but still magical photos.

It still amazes me that these stairs are NEVER full, after multiple stops through here last year, and catching it just before the sparkle this year, you’d think that at one of these points it would be as over crowded as the rest of the view points of the tower .. However, there’s always room!

For dinner, I tried to find a place that offered local specialities, not too expensive, but nice, but also had a burger on the menu in case Alec is feeling picky, for this I LOVE using Yelp while traveling.

I settled on Le Beaujolais - it didn’t have the Eiffel Tower view that I was hoping for, but there are very few restaurants without a huge $$$ that offer such a view! However, it was located on the other side of the tower from where we took pictures so we were able to have a nice stroll under the tower, and down the street.

It was slightly chilly, but we chose to sit on the patio, and I am SO glad that we did. They had the heaters behind us going full blast, I honestly had to pull off some layers it was so toasty. We enjoyed the most delicious meal! I had the buttered noodles (or Tagliatelle Bolognese) and Alec had a salmon dish (or Saumon Sauce Vierge Haricots Verts). Besides having an obnoxiously large party table behind us, it was a pretty perfect place to enjoy dinner in Paris. We finished off our meal with a crepe, and hit the metro to get back to our hotel.


Even though it seems like we didn’t do a lot of walking from place to place - we were out walking for about 4 hours!

When we arrived at our hotel and I took a steaming hot shower, and bundled up in the coziest robe. It was perfection. This was probably the best I had slept on our entire trip (the last night of course).

Our flight out of CDG didn’t leave until 2pm - this made it so we were able to take our time getting up and ready. Alec then ran to a little crepe shop around the corner - La Crème de Paris.

*Grands Boulevards has a restaurant you can enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner. You can also have breakfast room service - but it can be pricey.

I love the thought of room service (which is why I sent Alec out to grab breakfast) but I just couldn’t leave Europe without one more crepe!


Do you have questions about Paris? Comment below!

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