Iceland - Day 5: South Shore Region

Yesterday we did A LOT of driving, and with that we saw SO many beautiful sites and took over 500 pictures. Since I'll be loading this post up with many pictures I'll leave out some of the commentary. 

One of our first stops was at the Glacier Lagoon or Jökulsárlón - right after we pulled in a huge tour bus full of people so we made it just in time!

We were always on the lookout for any cool off roads we could take and get some drone shots, so we found this awesome area that was just so green!

Bouquet - Eco Flower // Ring - Element Rings

The Black Sand Beach was absolutely INCREDIBLE! Before we went out exploring, we stopped at the Black Beach Restaurant for a bit of lunch. The view was the best! The beach was full of tourists, but if you walk a bit further down you can find your own space to take pictures and soak in the crashing waves.

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This gorgeous waterfall is called Skógafoss is an extremely popular spot. By this point in the trip we were used to the rain so when it started to down pour as we arrived here, we noticed all the tourists leaving, making it quiet and we had it all to ourselves!

Seljalandsfoss is one of the best known waterfalls in Iceland, and the views are incredible. Mostly because you can see this waterfall from EVERY possible view. You can walk all the way behind the waterfall - if you don't mind getting soaking wet in the process!

Around every corner you'll see Icelandic horses, so when we saw this handful of fluffy Icelandic cows I just had to stop!

I've got one more day of Iceland to share with you all, which includes the Blue Lagoon! Stay tuned.. 

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