Iceland - Day 4: To Breiðdalsvík

After yet another night of not so great sleep we started the day! This time change has been kicking our trash. Plus this morning we decided to add a last minute sight onto our itinerary and it was going to add a few more hours to our drive so we woke up early. Long story short, roads were closed, we didn't make it, and I'm slightly heart broken about it!

We did make it to some other really amazing sights today so I can't complain. First we visited Goðafoss Waterfall - the wind was insane, and there were people who got so close to the waterfall! I'm pretty sure they had to be soaking wet by time they walked back to their cars.

The rock formations in and around the waterfall make it one of the greatest natural wonders in Iceland. Its about 39 feet in height, and 98 feet wide! 

Iceland has SO many different geo thermal pools, spas, baths, you get the picture. However, Iceland only has 2 blue bathing lagoons, Myvatn Nature Baths and Blue Lagoon. We're lucky enough to experience BOTH of them, and i'll compare them later! So far, they are similar in price, and that's about all I know.

The Myvatn Nature Baths were gorgeous. You do need to shower before getting into the baths, this is something different for us modest American's. They do have a couple of private showers as well if you are uncomfortable, lucky for me it wasn't very busy so I had the entire ladies locker room to myself!

You can also enjoy a nice beer while you soak in the hot water. The views are incredible and the warm water is so relaxing, but the wind is terrible! Or at least it was, as you can see in my photos a storm was rolling in. You may be able to catch a day without wind, but because of the wind we only lasted in the pools for about 30 minutes!

For two adults Myvatn Nature Baths and one towel rental, be prepared to spend about $70 USD (depending on current USD to ISK rates)

It was perfect to relax because we had a 4.5 hour drive still ahead of us to get to Breiðdalsvík. Upon arriving we found out the local grocery store was closed! The next closest one was about 45 minutes away, this town was SO small! The population is 140 people, luckily there is a hotel here and they were serving dinner. We seriously lucked out!

Things I wish I knew:

1. Closing Time - Everything closes early, so packing along a few groceries wouldn't be the worst idea! 

2. Closed Roads - At the rental car company they gave us a website to check to make sure if any roads were closed, and I thought "it's your summer, as of two weeks ago, I think we'll be fine!" but this is how we missed out on an awesome site, because the roads were closed! The only other way was a different route that would take about 6 hours longer than we had planned, and we just didn't have the time. So, check the site, do a little research on road conditions, you just never know with this crazy Iceland weather!

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