Iceland - Day 3: To Húnavatnshreppur

This morning when we were getting ready to leave our cute little green cabin in Grundarfjörður, we heard some serious wind happening outside. Like I thought the roof was going to rip off and blow away! So I pulled up the weather to make sure there weren't any storm warnings before we hit the road and it said "fresh breeze" in the morning and "light breeze" in the afternoon ... If you saw my Instagram Stories - IT WAS NOT A BREEZE! The biggest gusts of winds, ever. Plus rain so it just pelted you in the face! Luckily after a couple hours we made it out of the storm and the day even ended with some sunshine.

Today we probably did about 5-6 hours of driving. Our first stop was the nearest grocery store to our cabin, we needed to get food because they really don't have anything nearby. The closest was about an hour away! We ended up getting a couple cups of instant noodles, cookies and drinks. Completely different to what we've been eating but a quarter of the cost, so my wallet didn't mind! 

After stopping for groceries we made our way to Hvítserkur - a basalt stack that stands about 50 feet tall! If you look carefully you can see the shape of a dragon drinking. 

I've noticed a lot of these tourist attractions, although popular, they are quite remote. To get here you go down an unpaved road for about 30 minutes! Then there is a short walk to the overlook, during low tide you can even walk down to the basalt stack. However, we weren't that brave and I was worried I wouldn't be able to climb back up!

After our chilly adventure we made it to our next Airbnb. This place was so cool! It was located on a farm, they have sheep and horses and cute dogs. Unfortunately, we didn't get to meet any of the horses or sheep. But we did play fetch with this cute little friend! We were outside when he ran up with a rock and barked at Alec until he threw it for him. Such a strange thing to play fetch with, as there were many sticks around but it was adorable.

Things I wish I knew:

1. Locals - I had read so many things saying that the Icelanders were the nicest people, but I'm not completely sure about this one. Maybe I just haven't met the right people, or maybe i'm just awkward but everyone just seems stand offish. But that's just me!

2. Speed Limits - I thought i'd take a couple days of driving before I completely formed my opinion on this one but seriously nobody follows the speed limit! We have been going the speed limit and locals will go flying passed us. Maybe they just know how the system works, however after our parking ticket I don't think we'll push it! 

Outfit details: 

Scarf - Zara (or Jill's Closet) // Sweater - Old Navy // Pants - H&M  // Boots - Nordstrom (Sperry)

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