Iceland - Day 2: Snæfellsnes Peninsula

We started off the morning with some coffee, and picking up our Airbnb! We just had to sit and soak in this view before we left. Even though I had some serious bed head, don't worry I threw a hat on right away!

Once we packed up we hit the road. It's probably only like a 3 hour drive to get from where we were staying in Keflavik to Grundarfjörður but we had a couple stops to make! The first one was to the Grotta Lighthouse - it's a long walk that we didn't feel like making. As Iceland must have read my blog and said "NOT COLD?!" and then threw some wind at us.

During high tide you cannot get to the lighthouse, because this entire area becomes completely submerged by water!

Once we left here we decided to stop at the gas station, they say when traveling here to just stop at any gas station you see and top off. You never know how far out the next will be! This may be true, if you don't have GPS, or a phone. Also the rental car agency gave us a map that gives us the location of their preferred gas stations around the entire country!

Our next stop was Deildartunguhver - it is the highest-flow hot spring in Europe and pumps out 206º F water! They have built a pipe and they use it for heating and power in nearby towns. Plus there was an adorable dog hanging out so it made it amazing!

The steam was so incredibly warm, when we got out of the car it was quite chilly but as you walk into the cloud its an instant temperature change! I could have sat there all day, if it weren't for the smell of sulphur and my hair getting wet within minutes. 


Once we left here we were ready for lunch, so we headed to Hellnar. I found this little cafe on TripAdvisor called Primus Kaffi. It was about 30 minutes away from where our Airbnb was but it was worth back tracking! Not only was the food delicious, but the views were so gorgeous. 

We ordered an Icelandic lamb soup, and meatballs. They were both delicious! We could have honestly just shared the meatballs, they were served with potatoes and a coleslaw like salad. It would have saved us as well, we ended up spending about $50 just on lunch!

After lunch we set off for our Airbnb, only about an hour after I had planned! On our way back Alec noticed a dirt road that he just HAD to go on. I'm glad he did though, the views were incredible and we were able to take some pictures in the middle of the road without making someone mad!

We finally made it to our little cabin, where we made more dog friends and enjoyed the view! This mountain is called Kirkjufell, it is the most photographed mountain in Iceland.

Eco Flower  - Wind Beneath My Wings Pallet Wood Sign

Eco Flower - Wind Beneath My Wings Pallet Wood Sign

After settling in we decided to go grab some dinner, we went to a little pizza place in town called Laki Hafnarkaffi. I think we're about to start sharing our meals because 2 pizzas, and 2 beers put us at $60 USD! We could buy like 12 Little Caesar's for that cost!

Things I wish I'd known:

1. Gas pumps - we're still not sure we have this one figured out. But make sure you have a card with a pin number, most gas stations without an attendant require it! 

2. Car rental - still not sure what happened here either but our car was CHEAPER than I had planned! They didn't charge us the daily fee for being under 25, and they didn't put an amount of money on hold on my card like their website said they would. It also came with a basic insurance built into the cost.

3. The language - everyone in Iceland knows English as a second language, however I still feel like such a jerk when i'm like "I don't know how to say this but thats what I want to eat". Turns out the word I was pointing to meant Seafood, that would have made things so much easier if I was like "I want the seafood pizza".

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