Flying To Iceland

Alright, I'm going to give this a shot! We landed in Iceland a little over 12 hours ago, and I know if I don't write or share this all now I will forget. 

Our flight to Iceland was not direct, we had a quick stop in New York at JFK before we made it to Reykjavik International Airport! 

During over night flight there are two things that are very important, comfort and your face! Starting with my skincare - when traveling I ALWAYS pack it in my carry on. Because if my luggage gets lost I don't want to be without face wash for who knows how long! This also allows me to do my regular skincare routine on the airplane. 

I also threw on this Brightening Sheet Mask (which looks horrifying). But my skin felt so good after, and a lot of times after a long flight you feel gross but I didn't! My face felt fresh and clean. Plus we got a good laugh out of it. 

You can get this mask here: Avon Brightening Sheet Mask

Comfort is the next best thing, and what makes comfort? Layers! This also helped so much when we landed in Reykjavik - a whopping 32º outside.

Also, leggings make comfort. I paired my regular black leggings, with this adorable tee from The Trendy Sparrow. Topped it off with a long coat from H&M and a blanket scarf! Oh, and I can't forget my white (barely) converse.

Sunglasses // Zero UV - Coat // H&M (similar here)  - Tshirt // The Trendy Sparrow - Converse

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