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I was on IG Stories going through how I plan a trip, because I spent about 3-4 hours yesterday just laying out our Iceland itinerary .. And I mean I've been working on this trip for about 4 months so a few hours is not much by comparison. 

Anyway here are a few tips I shared, and a few extra!

Start by booking your flights! (obviously) I have a list of places we want to go but I don't start planing until I book the flights. I used to watch Skyscanner and just try to keep an eye out for cheap flights but then I discovered ... @flightsfromhome.slc! She tracks flights out of SLC to EVERYWHERE whenever its on sale she posts it! This account will be your wanderlust's best friend, but your wallets/husbands worst nightmare.. haha

*she also has accounts that track flights from LAX, SFO, DEN, so check those out if they are closer to you!

Once you've booked your flights your next step is to tell your husband, good luck! 

*Hint: I try to book stuff around holidays so that I have an excuse .. haha

Now you need to book your lodging, its best to get this booked quickly because you don't want to be without somewhere to sleep. Also if you pay for it in advance you have time to recover from the damage!

Airbnb will be your best friend.

As soon as I book tickets I also create a Pinterest board. This helps you get to know the place you are traveling too, and it also ensures you have a Pinterest worthy adventure! On Pinterest you will find SO many travel blogs with their itineraries to help you create your own. Or you can just use one of theirs! To each their own. 

On my Iceland 2017 Pinterest board you will find: Tips For Visiting Blue Lagoon Iceland, 11 Souvenirs to Buy in Iceland, Essentials for a Long Flight, Cheap Eats in Reykjavik, many, many landscape pictures, comfy travel outfits, mens layering outfits, and pictures I want to take while there. 

Your Pinterest is your own, use it for whatever you want! Gather all the information applicable to you and how you travel. Heres a link to this Pinterest board -  - Make sure to give me a follow!

Now that we are about a month out from our Iceland adventure I took every thing I had pinned and put it into a list. It was time consuming, but I don't want to miss ANYTHING! This is also where you can pull ideas from all those travel blogs. 

So in my list I have places to eat, museums, sights, parks, etc!

Once I have them in a list I plug each on into Google Maps (yes, very time consuming). But you don't want to have to drive across town 12 times because you didn't know one site was there and the next one is 30 minutes away! 

*Note: Gas in Iceland is $7.50 a gallon right now. You can easily search average gas prices with google. It also helps to check out the average cost of a cup of coffee, a beer, or a soda! Just to help you budget.

Here is my first take at the list:

While I am going through and mapping them out I pull up pricing for the restaurants and museums as well. Restaurants I have to double check because if they have too crazy of food Alec won't eat and thats just not fun. And if you have kids or picky eaters - you should do this too!

We then move into the final stage of crazy. In my second list I arrange it from which point we will be seeing to the next, the time it takes to travel to the destination, cost, gas average (per day) when we need to stop to eat, when we need to stop for groceries, etc.

So I know Tuesday looks intense but half of these places are just little sites to see, like stop soak it up, snap a photo and then you're on your way. Plus me and Alec are quick movers, we don't like to sit for hours at a sculpture. 

*Note: You don't have to go this crazy - but a lot of places we are going, we have to get groceries before because if we don't, theres nothing to eat! One place is an hour out from the nearest grocery store. I found this out by reading the reviews on the Airbnb - lots of useful information!

Okay, so heres my final (probably not) list:

At least half of it - I don't want to bore you all to death by posting a 3 page list!! 

Something that is nice about this trip compared to our Europe trip is i've budgeted out so much longer and better that we don't have to share every meal (like in Europe) just to stay on budget! 

Another helpful thing is to note check in and out times! Although with the time change we will probably be awake by 5am each day - you'll still want to make sure you are out the door. I've also noted what time we need to leave each day (usually before check out) because theres a lot of driving we have to get done!

Lastly, book any tours you are wanting to do. We are still deciding whether to spring for the glacier walk (about $360 usd per couple). But we did book our tickets for the Blue Lagoon - mostly because they are doing renovation the week we are there, but the last day we are in town they open again! So I wanted to make sure we were able to make it happen. 

*I found the renovation information just on the site for Blue Lagoon! Oh and apparently Pre-booking is required. Soo there ya have it!

And the Blue Lagoon is about $50 per person (for the cheapest possible package). You can get fancy and an in water massage, drinks, etc. .. If that's something you'd want!

Now that I have all this information, I can add up all the numbers, make sure we'll have enough money, and really just make sure we see everything we want to see!

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