24 Hours in Moab, Utah

Flowers by:  Eco Flower  //  Calligraphy by Mel

I couldn't decide what to title this post - "Moab, Utah in Winter", "Quick Getaway" .. "24 Hours in Moab, Utah" took the title because you can do all of these things all seasons!

About a week ago I started getting that itch, when the travel bug decides to act up and put crazy thoughts into your head. I knew we'd only have time and budget for a little weekend getaway so I started thinking what we could do that was nearby, Park City is extremely expensive right now, especially with Sundance going on! I looked into a California road trip but it was just too much driving for such little time to spend, then I started seeing posts about "Moab in Winter" - it looked incredible! Also, the temperatures were extremely similar to Iceland's temperatures and I felt like it would be a good time to test out the whole hiking in the cold thing we were about to do.

We set off fairly late in the morning on Saturday - to get to Moab, Utah from our little city of Layton, Utah it only takes 3.5 to 4 hours. Payton, Alec and I arrived close to town around 2 pm - our check in wasn't until 3 pm so we decided to kill an hour driving through Canyonlands National Park. It was absolutely gorgeous, and can I tell you how nice it is to not see snow taller than yourself as far as the eye can see?! This was a perfect stop because we had brought all sorts of things from my friends to shoot. Such as: Eco Flower, Element Rings, Calligraphy by Mel, and then just taking fun pictures for ourselves of course! 

Yes, that is Payton hanging off a cliff .. 

After our pre-adventure we made it to the hotel. We stayed at the Homewood Suites by Hilton Moab - they are absolutely beautiful and they were having an off season deal! Another perk of Moab in the Winter. 

After we took a minute to rest - mostly me because my back pain has been terrible! We decided to go out for dinner.

Side note: I have been trying to eat a plant based diet for over 2 months now! It's been incredible and I have felt so good. But I cheated!

We decided to go to Moab Brewery for dinner - I read that they had amazing burgers and they brewed their own beer in house! Such a good combo if you ask me. Since these were rave worthy burgers I decided I would have one - it was delicious! Although I was only able to eat about half of it because I am just not used to all of that red meat. Alec also had a burger, and gobbled it down. But Alec eats burgers and love burgers from EVERYWHERE! Payton had their Gyro and fries.

After dinner we decided to hang out at the pool, until it got taken over with preteens, and then we just hung out in our room until we went to sleep!

We woke up bright and early (anything before 9 am is early) and ate the best free breakfast we've ever had! It gave us the perfect boost to finish packing up our stuff and hit the road. We were off to conquer Delicate Arch.

When you get to Arches National Park be prepared to pay $25 per vehicle for entry! This entry is valid for 7 days after purchase, if you decide to come back. At first we were thinking thats quite steep to just get into a park - but once we finished all we wanted or had time to do we realized $25 for the 3 of us and 4+ hours of fun was WAY cheap!

I had Alec pull over so that we could take these photos in the middle of the road .. I just couldn't stop saying "THIS IS INCREDIBLE!" - I had never been to Arches National Park before and neither had Payton. The colors, and the sunshine, and just the hugeness of these landscapes were mind blowing!

While planning our trip I kept reading how Delicate Arch was a difficult trail, it was about 3 miles round trip, and I just thought "oh we'll be fine!"  .. hahahaha

We set off on the trail, it was quite warm - a whopping 39 degrees! When you've been hanging out in 14 degree weather you find this temperature jump quite shocking. We had about 2 layers on each! Once we got going I had to remove a layer it was just pure sunshine - which was perfect for this Winter hike, I can't even imagine that in the Summer heat!

We made it up one hill and I was panting, pure embarrassing panting .. I thought there is no way! We actually took 3 quick breaks for water before we made it up there! Yes you can all laugh now. 

When we finally made it I was just in shock. I think my jaw actually dropped open - Delicate Arch is absolutely stunning! It's also WAY bigger than I had imagined. We just sat and looked at it for a minute - there were about 3 or 4 groups of people just sitting around and Alec said that in the summer there is double or triple that amount! It's such a beautiful site to soak in, and I think that the smaller crowd made it so much more enjoyable! It also made it easier to walk under the arch for a photo. 

While we were enjoying our almonds, water and gatorade a group hiked in behind us and we heard a young boy yell "THIS IS INCREDIBLE! IT JUST SITS THERE ALL DAY?!" - we could not stop laughing! I mean the "It just sits there all day?!" is just plain hilarious. 

Once we got back to our car we had jell-o legs and quite the appetite! We were also behind schedule if we wanted to get home around the time we hoped. But we couldn't miss out on the Double Arch! Plus, the double arch was about 0.5 miles and it was completely empty! We walked our way in, extremely easy, anyone can do it. It was so beautiful and peaceful and have I told you how massive these structures are?! 

Exactly 24 hours after we arrived in Moab, Utah we grabbed some drive-thru lunch and hit the road to head home. It was an incredible trip with these two travel companions.. 

"we came, we saw, we conquered."

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