Carry On Essentials & Pressureze

I am an over packer for everything, mostly because I can't decide what i'm going to wear until the day of so I feel like I have to pack EVERYTHING! But there are some essentials that you just can't forget! These are a few of my essentials for HAWAII - there are some essentials that go into Alec's bags that I don't take in my own but thats a completely other subject.

Let's start at the top:

- Phone; because does anyone even leave bed without their phone nowadays? Also this trip has made me want the new iPhone 7 SO bad..

- Tank; really just pack AT LEAST one outfit. I've seen luggage get lost, my dad is like the king of lost luggage. So I always pack at least one outfit to play it safe. It usually ends up being like 3 outfits because they don't fit in my actual check baggage!

- Sandals; I packed sandals in my check luggage and in my carryon - again if they lose my checked luggage at least I would have some sandals! Plus you can never have too many shoes.

- Selfie Stick; Okay, to be honest we only used this like once. One of the many perks of traveling with other people is they help you take photos! But we got this cute group shot with the selfie stick and I can promise you everyone was thankful I had it, even if they thought it was stupid. 

- Plane Pillow; We picked up a couple pillows in London because we heard how amazing they were, AND THEY ARE! Our flight is from SLC > LAX > LIHUE and back so the flight to LAX from LIHUE is 5.5 hours! Which isn't nearly as long as London but it was SO rough flying here. Our flight home is over night so it will be so nice to have these pillows to get some rest!

- Pressureze; This stuff has been SO nice to have. I have never tried it before but it is saline nasal mist - free of drugs, chemicals, fillers, alcohols, sweeteners, and preservatives. Alec had a terrible headache before our first flight and Pressureze gave him some relief. Also on our second to last night I got SO sick. Sore throat, nasal congestion, headache, body aches, it was terrible. This absolutely saved me and helped clear up my nose right before our flight! It also helps with your ears and I don't normally have a problem but with being sick, I was MISERABLE! We had a layover in LAX so changing altitude to come back down hurt so bad. I made sure I used the Pressureze right before our flight took off for SLC and I didn't have a single problem! I can't imagine how miserable it would have been without Presssureze. You can also purchase Pressureze for Children, extra gentle for your littles.

- Shorts; Part of the extra outfit deal! Don't forget it!

- Laptop; One of the beautiful things about my job is that I can work from WHEREVER, I've been able to do some work from the beach and early mornings in bed. 

- Maiook Messanger Bag; This bag is my lifeline, it's also seen more countries than most people I know! Handmade is Slovenia, Europe and amazing quality. I've traveled with this little bag to London, Amsterdam, France, Switzerland, Vancouver, now Hawaii. But the fact that I wear this thing everywhere, everyday and its still solid as a rock is AMAZING!

- Phone Charger; Obvious, dead phone equals dead Kylee. Just kidding, but really. 

- Bikini; I included this with my extra outfit, because if I lost my checked luggage I didn't want to be without a bikini! Don't worry I packed about 4 others so I had plenty.

A lot of essentials you all recommended I usually put in Alec's bags. Such as sunscreen, because he's the only one who wears it.. Sorry everyone who told me to put sunscreen on! But I'm happy to announce that I didn't get burnt! Just a nice sun kiss.

Other essentials include our camera, camera charger, Gopro, laptop charger. All of the electronics go into Alec's backpack. We are that couple that has two carry ons! One for under the seat and one for overhead storage, I told you guys, I'm an over packer! I can't help it.  

We had a beautiful time in Kaua'i and I cannot wait to share more about our adventures with you all.

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