Twitter & Snapchat Updates by Linda Orduño

Have you heard that our prayers to the Tweet gods have been answered?!

F I N A L L Y - we can read and participate in longer Tweet rants.


Although there is a certain art behind being able to express yourself in 140 characters or less. This is going to allow us to take it one step further. If were able to add a photo, GIF, video or poll on our Tweets. Why not be able to write more than 140 characters, right?


According to The Telegraph,  

“Twitter’s original 140-character limit was created to be in line with the 160 characters of text messages, with space for a username, when users were meant to text their tweets from a phone in 2006.”


It seems like Twitter took way too long to change this feature. I mean when was the last time you counted the characters of your text. Nevertheless, cared how many characters you were sending. That was an issue in 2006 and it’s 2016. How is there this 10 year gap?!


Another upcoming change is,

“Twitter is also planning to remove usernames from the 140-character limit in replies, and will be testing the feature in the coming weeks.”


Which makes sense but come on, when are they going to allow us to edit our tweets?



So Snapchat just stepped their game up (kinda?) and create spectacles. Essentially they're  sunglasses where you can record snaps instead of using your phone.


The Verge gave us the run down,

“They're connected sunglasses that record video snippets that get saved to your Snapchat Memories. Its camera has a 115-degree lens meant to more closely approximate how humans see. The glasses will cost $130, come in one size, and be available in three colors: black, teal, and coral.”

I think it’s a great idea but do you think people will spend the additional $130 to take snaps? How serious of Snapper do you have to be to get there? People are now getting paid for having a large following on Snapchat so many this can facilitate those people but my main question is:

    What’s the difference between grabbing these Spectacles from your purse instead of the phone you already have? Maybe if you lived in LA where it’s always sunny and you’re constantly in sunglasses it would work but what about everywhere else?


There’s an article claiming that Snap Inc. (the Snapchat company) has killed itself because of three reasons:

  1. People already have sunglasses

  2. People who pay money in expect to take money out and there’s a small chance of that actually happening.

  3. Remember when Google tried it and failed miserably? Wel, is the market ready for such a thing or will Google’s failure repeat itself with Snap?


What do you think - are you excited to get these innovative glasses or is this a complete failure? Let us know!

written by: Linda Orduño 
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