Fave Sweater Weather Location

This ones for all my local photography friends - this place might not be as low key as I think it is, but I love it! As soon as I noticed the leaves were changing me and the hubs went here to check it out. Its located in Layton, UT - I will add a little map for all to see! Plus its not very crowded, or at least it isn't yet. We have been here during full fall bloom though and we didn't bump into any other photoshoots! 

We went around 6pm - the sun was still pretty high so I feel like I missed out on a couple of spots I really wanted because I didn't want to deal with sun glare! I also reccommend that you wear a good pair of shoes - none of this sandals business. The trail is super easy but its washed out and I don't want to hear about any of you rolling your ankle!

You guys don't know me if you think I let Alec get out of this scot-free! But anyway, can you imagine this place in full bloom?! I seriously hope you take time to enjoy this lovely season and get inspired!

And tag me in your photos if you decide to go explore this little area! 

Sweater // Plato's Closet | Jeans // Plato's Closet | Boots // Forever 21  | Hair Color // BeautybyLyssa 

Here is your map!




Kylee Wilson