When I made the switch to cooperate life I only thought of black slacks and blazers. I soon was taught that slacks is a terrible word and that it was not my only option!

I met Jill from Jill of All Trades, I always admired her love of color and her ways of incoperating it into different outfits! Visit her blog Hot Pink Style to ooh and aww like I do!

We hit H&M at Farmington Station - immediately our arms were filled with prints and colors and I was a little overwhelmed! If you know me I am a black and white girl, but I fell in love with this skirt in particular. 

I have already worn this outfit to several meetings with many different small business owners and I always get compliments after compliments!

It has blown my mind how many different options I have to stay stylish but also stay professional, to keep with my "Tips" theme my tip to you is: whether you go cooperate, working from home, or whatever the change - don't lose yourself!


Skirt: H&M // Shirt: H&M // Styled by: Jill Welhouse

Kylee Wilson