I asked - you answered and I hear you loud and clear!


I am so excited to share this with you guys, because it also give a shout out to the amazing Social Society. Now, i'm not positive who thought of this idea but whoever it was CREDIT IS DUE. Some fab Society Gal heard about the Instagram Algorithm change and suggested we all join groups and then help boost each others engagement! Its the best thing that has ever happened to my engagment percentages - so go join The Social Society, join an engagement group and YOU'RE WELCOME!


Drive Follower Traffic

You use social media to promote your blog, business, or website.. So how do you get them to visit you?!

First of all - link in the bio. I mean if this sounds silly, but I see so many people say "check out my blog/website/etc." and then I can't find it.. People like easy, they don't want to search for things. 

Next - leverage. Post that there is a coupon code, but you can only get it if you visit the blog! Or try to use your blog/website when doing giveaways.

Lastly - make sure its mobile friendly! It's got to be easy to find, appealing and easy to use! Key word in this is EASY. 



Keeping followers: If you are losing followers, you are doing something wrong. Ask yourself these three questions 

  1. Are you posting more than once a day?
  2. Are you switching up content? 
  3. Are you posting less than once a day?

If you are posting too much or too little you are going to be losing people - evaluate and adjust!

If you are switching up your content, for example: when traveling I was posting lots of travel photos - I actually lost a lot a followers, because if my followers wanted to follower a travel blogger they would. But I switched my content and it wasn't what my audience was following me for. 

Okay babes, getting followers, keeping followers, finding the right followers.. It all comes down to HASHTAGS! There are so many hashtags out there, and you need to do reasearch on the hashtags you use. Use hashtags that your target audience is using and/or looking at! You may think its a clever hashtag but it might only reach 1,000 Instagrammers, if you do your research you can use something similar and reach 10,000 Instagrammers. 

Need help with hashtags? I can help! Email me : kyleewilson@sociaalgrid.com

Kylee Wilson