Why is this a thing?! I see it happening daily - people post MULTIPLE pictures back to back. You can actually see their likes decline as you scroll past because people get tired of seeing them. You also may be losing a lot of followers while doing this! 

Too much of a good thing on Instagram is just, well, too much. Nobody wants to see you posting more than 3 photos in a row. Unless it's your mom - she loves everything you post! And don't even think about posting more than five in a row.. That's where some serious unfollowing happens. Pick one photo and trust it. Less is more, remember that!

Be very selective about your photos and keep at least an hour between posts (this may vary with the new Instagram algorithm). Also limit your post to 2 or 3 different pictures a day. In case of an event you're covering, you can post more often, but be smart about spacing them out!

Tip: save the content! Keep it in your pocket for a rainy day when you have nothing to post. 


Kylee Wilson