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Hello there!! My name is Alexis Faith Dopp and I am behind the brand Lexie Faith. Most of my content is shared through my website and my Instagram @lexiefaithdopp. Today I’m going to be sharing with you the key to being successful and staying successful during your digital career is creating and sharing unique, original content. DISCLAIMER: This is just what has personally worked for me. Try it out and see if it works for you too.


No matter your platform, content is key. I have discovered over the years that it is really easy to become unmotivated and feel like all of your creativity is gone. I am going to share ten tips today that work for me to help me stay motivated, inspired, and creative while creating content for my blog and social media platforms.


1. Quality, Quality, Quality!

Quality content is essential especially when growing a business or online following. Set your standards and if a post or piece of media doesn’t meet those standards, don’t post it. I know for me if I am disappointed with the way content turned out but post it anyway, I get discouraged and the post haunts me because I know I could’ve done better. This doesn’t happen very often though! Just remember to stay away from blurry pictures, shaky videos, bad lighting, and low quality photos, just to name a few.


2. Follow Inspiring Accounts

One of the main ways I stay inspired, is I follow people who inspire me. I try to switch it up every six months. Find what inspires you! Travel, fashion, food, nature? Then find accounts with great quality photos that will help you spark new ideas. Also, branch out to different platforms. Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, etc. There are so many amazing creators out there, go find your favorites!


3. Write Down Goals

Do this right now! Sit down and make a list of goals. My favorite ways to write down my goals is on a big foam board in a “bucket list” format. I make one each year. Things I want to accomplish, places I want to go, service projects, etc. Not only are these goals for my business but they are goals for my life and it’s fun to pull out the board once a month and see what I’m able to check off! It helps me feel productive and motivated.


4. Consistency

Be consistent with posting your content. Pick a realistic amount of times you want to post; monthly, weekly, or daily. It’s so simple but I’ve seen a big difference in my own brand. It also helps me stick to a schedule and plan out my content realistically.


5. Unplug

UNPLUG! Believe it or not, your life is not on the internet. Set aside some time to recharge and put away the screen. It can be as simple as not using your phone on a certain day of the week, carving out a chunk of time daily, or going camping for the weekend. DO IT!!


6. Never Forget your Camera

Inspiring things can be all around you. You never know when you’ll see a spot for an amazing impromptu photoshoot or you just want to snap a picture to remember for later. NEVER forget your camera. It can be your phone camera, a little $100 point and shoot or you can be a crazy person like me and lug your DSLR everywhere you go (not everywhere but almost haha.)


7. Do Some Research

Like I said earlier, I love following inspiring people but sometimes it’s good to do some research, especially if you know what you’re looking for. I am going on a trip later in the week to a place I’ve never been before. Since I don’t know what to expect but I still want to get the gears turning, I have been following bloggers and photographers who live in the area and searching Pinterest and Tumblr for photos of the city. Not so I can copy their composition, but just so I can become inspired to create my own unique work.


8. Connect with New People!

This is the age of social networking for crying out loud! Network!!! Try and connect with new companies, photographers, bloggers, etc. It will help spark new creativity and help you stay motivated. The reason I think this is so essential is because I am always learning from others. There is only so many YouTube tutorials, only so much you can teach yourself. Get out and explore with another human and learn from them!


9. Get Up, Get Dressed & Get Going

Sometimes I find it easy to just lay around in my gym clothes or sweats all day. Not that I’m being lazy, I’m working from my computer. Something I learned from my mom is to get up, get dressed, and get going. Even just by jumping in the shower and changing my clothes helps me feel put together and productive.


10. Count your many Blessings

Sometimes this world is hard. So many things and people to compare yourself to, and sometimes we are just way to hard on ourselves. Take a step back RIGHT THIS SECOND and remember you are doing your best! Think back to how far you’ve come and remember where you started. Count your blessings. There are always things to be grateful for!

Written by: Alexis Faith Dopp of // Photos by: Alexis Foust of
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