My Story

Hello! My name is Kylee Wilson; I am the Founder of Sociaal Grid. After spending years searching for my passion, I realized it was in my hand all along! Whether it was on my Instagram feed or endlessly scrolling through Pinterest. I graduated from The Social Academy, fully equipped with the knowledge and tools that I will need to help you and your business! I can't wait to work with you and put your business on the grid.

You can find me behind a coffee mug; 

or on Instagram @SOCIAALGRID




Instagram Analysis

This amazing report will show you optimum posting times, engagement percent (likes vs. followers + comments vs. followers + likes from people who don't follow you), most liked photos & most commented photos (this really shows what your audience likes most, and what type of feed you should peruse more!) brand specific hashtags (very VERY important when branding yourself!), and top followers (find your tribe!).

Social Media Management 

You're too busy to keep up on the latest trends, to continually worry about posting times and maybe you don't even know what hashtags are.. Thats where I come in! I will manage your social media platform of choice (Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest) - you will see brand specific hashtags, minimum of 2 posts per day, daily engagement with followers and soon to be followers. I also like to provide you with all the numbers and analytics in an easy to read monthly analysis. 

Website Design

Designing your website to fit your brand is KEY! I want to provide you with a clean and modern place to display your product, blog or even music! Whatever your site is for - I want to make it the best that it can be.

Content Strategy

Content Strategy will help you map out social media goal month in advance, it also ensures that you have an overall consistency in your tone. I will help you determine daily posting times and put together a market analysis to see what you competition is doing and not doing and how you can learn from them!

Photoshoot Coordination

Having high quality photos will set your social media, website, or any online marketing over the top! I have had the opportunity to work with incredible teams made up of stylists, MUA, and photographers that will help portray your brand image in just the way you've always dreamed. 

email Campaign management

With your email campaign I will send emails to a curated list of email addresses (email addresses which have the highest possibility of opening the email, as in an app which is helpful to doctors to manage their patients would only be sent to a list of doctors). With a creative writing style, and a clean edit I will create a strategy to make people aware of your product/service in the market. Everything will be taken care of, even the scheduled sends!


Curating content to match your style, brand, or company can be tiresome, no worries, I'm here! Every blog post will be different with new photoshoots, influencer collaborations, scheduled posts and even blog analytics to help share what you're all about. 

Missing Something?

Were you looking for something that you don't see listed? Maybe you want more details? Send me an email and I will make a custom package tailored for you and your company to ensure optimal social media gains and make you a happy camper!



I have been honored to work with so many different companies, from personal blogs to local businesses. See what they have to say about their On The Grid experience!


Daily Rise Coffee

Local organic coffee roasters, with two drive thru coffee locations in Ogden & Layton. ALWAYS promoting positive energy.


Rome the mishap

Rome, also known as The Mishap, is a rapper from Weber County, Utah.                                   

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Harvest Lane Honey

Harvest Lane Honey was founded by 4 people who just loved beekeeping and helping others start on their journey.