SneakPeek Early Gender Test

I started researching NIPT (non-invasive Pregnancy Testing) around week 8 of my pregnancy. NIPT uses a blood sample from the mother to analyze DNA from the placenta for certain chromosome conditions, like Down syndrome, that could affect the baby’s health. During pregnancy, some of the DNA from the placenta, which carries the baby's genetic information, crosses into mom’s bloodstream. 

I was first interested in this because we have lost SO many embryos - which is usually due to some sort of chromosome abnormalities. Finding out the gender to our little one early was just a perk! However after speaking with our doctor the insurance companies usually won't cover this test unless you are either over the age of 35 or there has been some abnormalities seen on an ultrasound. Without insurance this test can cost upwards of a couple thousand dollars!

Then I heard about SneakPeek and their early gender DNA test that can be done as early as 10 weeks! So many people told me that their pregnancy finally felt real once they found out the gender, and I have craved that feeling since the beginning. There are still times I don't believe this is real! We were told at our last appointment that they might be able to tell the gender at our next one, but theres so many variables that ultimately depend on if this little babe will be in the right place at the right time. I mean, I love this baby, but I can't put that much trust into a wiggly little human!

I was so excited when we got our SneakPeek test and so nervous! This gender test is an easy at home test, you just prick your finger and end in your sample - how amazing is science?! I had originally thought that I could have Alec prick my finger because, even after all that IVF and shots, I don't do needles, or blood. Eeek. However you cannot have any male present in case on contamination! This totally threw me off, but I was determined. What's a couple more needles and blood for Baby Wilson?

Here's a basic walk through:

  1. Clean the surface & area where you will be (no men can be present).
  2. Wash your hands then let them air dry.
  3. Wash your hands again and use the nail brush this time -- also air dry.
  4. Pump your fist, put the tourniquet on your wrist
  5. Prick your finger
  6. Hold your finger over the vial and fill until fill line (which will be marked for you)

All of the instructions are laid out on a pamphlet you will receive in your SneakPeek kit - also they are 100x more better at explaining than me! 

Once I had everything laid out it took me SEVERAL minutes to work up the courage to prick my finger. Guys, i'm such a woos. I finally did it, and I only had to sit down on the floor twice to avoid passing out. 

Then you mail back the sample, and wait for the results! If you choose the FastTrack you can get your results within 72 hours, the original test takes about 7 days for results.

*If you are squeamish - there are photos that contain blood below.

Now you wait for results! We are still considering keeping little babes gender a surprise - so Please allow us some time and space to enjoy the news as well as share it with our close friends and family (if we get to that point).

We got our SneakPeek results back before the bruises on my fingertips even healed! Just in time to have our doctor confirm the results - he had no idea we had taken the test and he said he's 95% maybe even 99% sure of the gender. If only he knew! haha


We are so grateful to the SneakPeek team for giving us the opportunity to find out Baby Wilson's gender so quick and easy.

Kylee WilsonComment