Showering Baby Girl Wilson

Calligraphy by:  Lexie Faith Designs

Calligraphy by: Lexie Faith Designs

Last weekend we were showered with love by all of our friends and family, it was such a surreal day. I finally had my “oh my gosh there’s a baby coming” moment, while reading a card that said “we can’t wait to meet baby girl!” and immediately I imagined seeing our friends and family holding baby girl. I’ve had many daydreams about late night feedings, bringing baby girl home, etc. but for some reason picturing all of our loved ones with our Winter babe it truly hit me!

This shower was so so special to me because we were able to incorporate touches from a lot of companies that I love. So many companies that have been there for us during IVF and beyond. Companies that donated to our IVF fundraiser, and just have truly supported us every step of the way to becoming parents.

Putting together a diaper raffle for a co-ed shower is one of the more difficult things I’ve done. I never realized how much easier it is to get things women love! And men say we’re difficult, ha!

The diaper raffle was such a good idea - we were LOADED with packs, and there were so many great incentives.

The prizes included:

We also did a “door prize” just for showing up, full of Great Harvest breads, homemade jam and unfiltered local honey (from my dads hives).

Sweets have been this girls jam this entire pregnancy, and i’ve recently discovered Twisted Sugar .. Oh my heck you guys! If you haven’t tried these cookies you MUST. So delicious, so sweet, so perfect.

Since it was earlier in the day we paired this with bagels + Daily Rise. You can’t go wrong with coffee and cocoa on a brisk fall day!


The balloon arch is amazing right? Put together by my sweet step-mom (and hostess). She pulled together the perfect combo of fall colors, plus not too girly!

*I love how in this first photo you can see Lilly’s paw prints on my dress!

We seriously cannot thank everyone enough who made this shower oh so special. From the very beginning I was very adamant that I wanted Alec to be apart of at least one of the showers, and I’m so glad he was! Sharing this day with him made it all the more special, and he’s been through hell along with me so he definitely deserved to be spoiled too.

Special thanks to my step-mom, Sara, and my dad for this amazing shower. And for dealing with hundreds of texts from me each day because i’m a control freak.

It also would not have been nearly as amazing if it weren’t for the amazing companies that donated gifts, prizes, and other goodies!

Dress: Forever 21 // Shoes: Forever Young Shoes // Alecs Shirt: Target (I’m linking Alec’s shirt because I looked EVERYWHERE for this!)

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