Must Haves For the First Month of Mommyhood & Postpartum

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This first month of mommy-hood has gone by so fast. Maybe it’s the sleep deprivation or the endless baby cuddles, but it’s definitely rocked my world.

Here are a few things that have made my life easier, or just more enjoyable during this first month with Amelia!

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  • Bedside Bassinet - I have always said that we would NEVER co-sleep .. ha! The first two-ish weeks Amelia slept in our bed and her bedside bassinet turned into an extra storage space. However in the last week or so she has started sleeping at the bottom of our bed in her bassinet. It’s so easy to grab her for feedings at night, and I have my bed back! The one we have is from Amazon.

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  • DockATot - Since Amelia was co-sleeping in our bed for a couple of weeks, we definitely put the DockATot to good use! We also use this for nap time and it fits into the bassinet perfectly now that she’s sleeping there.

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  • Boppy Pillow - Can I tell you all how difficult it is to find a boppy pillow that is not totally obnoxious? I found this cute one on Amazon.

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  • Burp Cloths - There is no such thing as too many cloths. Especially with a newborn who likes to spit your carefully made milk all over you, and herself. We have a few burp cloths but they usually only last about 1-2 feedings before they’re covered in milk. I have loved using these small flannel swaddles (but they’re way too little to swaddle a babe) and they make great cloths. You can find these almost anywhere but here’s these cuties from Target!

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  • Bottles - Do your research to find a bottle that fits your needs, style, etc. We always wanted to at least partially bottle feed but I also wanted to try to breast feed (even if it was short lived) .. We chose the Nuk Bottles - these nipples are designed to be as “close-to-Mom”, also BPA-free and dishwasher safe!

    Find these at Target.

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  • Changing Pad(s) - Yes, plural. I feel like we could have 10 more of these and put them to use. We keep one in our bedroom for easy night changes, and one in the diaper bag for back-seat changes. This is the one we keep in our bedroom - from Amazon.

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  • Diaper Genie - These aren’t pretty, but they sure do the job! Make sure to stock up on bag refills before the baby comes - or you’ll be caught late at night with an empty diaper genie and no where to put a stinky diaper. The one we use is from Target.

  • Diaper Genie Fills - You can buy the name brand, but we are currently using the Target Up & Up brand and they work just as well!

    Diaper Genie Refill - Target

    Up & Up Refills - Target

  • WildBird Sling - Especially during the holidays, the sling helped me keep little Amelia close-by without exposing her too much. This is also nice to toss on when it’s just us at home and I really need lunch, and she just really wants to be held. We have the Solid Linen.

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A lot of things that make life easier during the first month are for you! And even if they don’t necessarily make your life easier, somethings are just nice to have.

  • Underwear - I’m sure you have plenty of underwear, but I read a blog that suggested to get some cheap underwear that you wouldn’t mind ruining for postpartum recovery. You won’t want to wear these right away - honestly the horrible mesh hospital underwear will do you good for the first few days. I found this cheap pack on Amazon, I just wish I had sized up one or two sizes because you really don’t want anything fitted!

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  • Breast Pads - This is something you should also grab before baby comes. The hospital will send you home with some if you’re like me and don’t stock up beforehand. You can also get disposable breast pads if you really want .. Do what’s best for you!

    You can find breast pads anywhere - these ones are from Amazon.

  • Nipple Cream - The hospital will send you home with some nipple cream too, but it’s just a very small sample size. It lasted me about a week. Even pumping can dry you out. This is what I have been using - from Amazon. It does have an interesting scent and I can’t imagine it tastes very good - even though it says that you don’t need to clean off before feedings.

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  • Haakaa Breast Pump - If you haven’t heard of this thing, you’re welcome. I’ve never heard anything bad about this contraption. You put it on one side while you breastfeed and it catches the let down so you don’t waste anything! I keep this in our diaper bag so that when we’re out and about I can “pump”. You can find this a bit cheaper - without the stopper - but coming from someone who spilled multiple ounces I suggest you get the stopper!


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  • Robe - Best purchase, EVER! Once home, and showered, the last thing I wanted to do was dig through my closet to find something that would fit my swollen postpartum body. So I threw on a robe! It also makes for great baby snuggles. I got this one from Target - I had read a suggestion to get a dark color because well .. You don’t want to ruin it.


What were your must have items that helped you survive the first month with baby? Comment below!

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