Guest Bedroom Remodel

We remodeled our guest bedroom last year - I never got around to posting it because I didn't get the chance to decorate it before we had a sister crashing in it! 

It's still not decorated and will soon be turned into our cats sanctuary, but I think the before and after still deserves to be appreciated. 

This is our tiny basement bedroom - it was the same tan color as the rest of the house, and the same brownish carpet.

We decided to pull the carpet and stain the cement underneath and give the walls a new life!


Our helpful friend Devin  who has probably painted more of our house than we have ourselves!

We added the board and batten - Alec hand cut and built every single board! This grey is actually the same grey we used in our Master Bedroom, I believe it is called Dove Tail.


I originally thought cement was just always this pretty dark grey - but as you saw above its not! So we got this beautiful cement stain and rolled it on. 

This bed frame has quite the history - it was originally Alec's parents (I'm pretty sure i've seen it in home videos circa 1990-something). It was then Alec's brother's and then it made it to our home! This rug is from Jill (Hot Pink Style) and was the perfect pop of texture/color. Its also the perfect size for this tiny room with cold concrete floors!

One day I'll have this room completely decorated, for now its simple and sooo much better than it used to be.

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