Baby Wilson

Surprise! Baby Wilson is coming January 1st, 2019!

I am still in shock most of the time too, going into this cycle we decided not to tell anyone what was about to go down. However I still kept track of everything so click here to read all about our FET!

On April 16th we transferred two beautiful little embryos. 7 days after I got the darkest positive pregnancy test i've ever seen and by beta day my levels were at 743! Yes, that is extremely high and we were all (us and the doctors) convinced that there were twins. 

We had our first ultrasound the second week of May where we saw the littlest spec that was baby. Just before this ultrasound I had some bleeding, which we now think could have been the twin passing. We were still very hesitant to be excited, even after the high numbers and the great ultrasound. Mostly because we had been here before, we scheduled an ultrasound for a few days later and we saw an even bigger spec AND a heartbeat! Seeing the heartbeat significantly lowers the chances for miscarriage and I think this is when we let ourselves feel a little more excited. 

Mother's Day weekend we told all of our parents, it was so fun to actually be able to surprise them with the news! No one had any idea that we had done a transfer, let alone that I was pregnant. 

Telling our friends and family has been one of the best parts, seeing everyone get so excited just kills me. The pregnancy hormones don't help either though.

We have since graduated from the fertility clinic and had two appointments with my regular OB. I also got a little fetal doppler to ease my mind, and I listen to baby Wilson's heartbeat at least once a day. 

I am just over 11 weeks now and basically I eat whenever I can and whatever I can. At about week 6 or 7 the morning sickness kicked in, and it has yet to let up. Meat is not happening, I try to get protein with beans or other ways but I basically just avoid all meats. Baby LOVES sweets, cheesecake for breakfast has happened (once or twice). 

I am also off all of the hormone support medications, basically this means NO MORE SHOTS! I had hoped this would help calm down all the exhaustion and sickness, but it hasn't. 

This secret has been so hard to keep, mostly because we are so excited about our little miracle! It's so nice that everyone knows now, and now no one can be surprised when I spend all day in bed eating cake, candy and whatever else baby Wilson will allow. 

This part of pregnancy is so strange, you don't look pregnant, you can't feel the baby, you see the baby once in a while but the only thing reminding you that there is something happening is the constant urge to puke. I look forward to being kicked in the ribs, feeling hiccups, and losing sight of my feet. I've had to remind myself to enjoy this part, because this is what i've been dreaming of.

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