Anniversary Formals

This year we took it easy on our anniversary, due to our IVF budgeting. However it was still great because we got to spend time with our favorite Portraits by Meg and take these gorgeous formals. 

Megan just recently heard the story behind this dress - and if you don't know the story behind this dress check out this Instagram post that explains it all. As soon as Megan heard there was another dress she said "WE MUST SHOOT WITH IT FOR YOUR ANNIVERSARY!" - who was I to deny her this?

This is also the last time I plan on wearing this dress for a while. My first round of hormones in this IVF journey (which you can read about here) have already made it difficult to wear my wedding rings and in the last couple weeks (which was the last time I wore this dress) it had gotten tighter!

Alec was reluctant to suit up - so you will notice he is in a shirt and tie, with no jacket. After all the photoshoots we've had lately I can't really complain. 

Without further adieu, here are some of our favorites.

Photos by: Portraits by Meg

Bouquet by: Eco Flower

Dress: Vera Wang

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