Amelia's Rose Blessing | The Ceremony

Before Amelia was born I researched so many different blessings, everything seemed to be religion based and nothing quite fit with our beliefs. I had basically given up my search by time Amelia arrived, but one night during a late night pump session I found myself on Google yet again.

That’s when I found it. A rose blessing ceremony. During a rose blessing, the parents (or whomever) shower four different colored rose petals over the baby. Each rose petal has their own special meaning and blessing.

We asked my friend Janey, a reiki master, to preform the ceremony. It was very important to have everyone involved understand the importance of good energy. As this blessing is very Earth, and energy based.

Here is the blessing as it was performed:

Janey: “Welcome family and friends, today we are here to celebrate Kylee and Alec Wilson’s new baby Amelia Jo Wilson’s birth and to officially bless and welcome her to this family and community. What you are all about to witness here today is truly a celebration of love and of life! As she is here today, she is precious and perfect. And I’m aware she is also a warrior. This little soul fought hard to be here with us today. She is a miracle. It is a miracle that all of us have been brought together today to share in her light.  She is a gift. Her smile, her laughter, and her presence enrich the lives of all who know her, especially Kylee and Alec whom have sacrificed so much to bring this beautiful baby into this world. Only  months old, and already she has made the world a better place. We are here to acknowledge that children are the greatest gift and most blessed responsibility bestowed upon a family. We will give gratitude for the gift of this precious life and shower Amelia with love, joy and guidance.  Each person here will carry a responsibility for Amelia, each of you guiding and enriching Amelia’s life with love and experiences to expand her world and support her when her world gets tough.  Her life will be a patchwork of every one here. all of you. And what a beautiful work of art she is. 

All of life and all of nature is comprised of some unique combination of fire, earth, water and air. A tiny seed germinates and grows from the rich earth, nourished by water and sunlight and the air around it. The 4 elements of nature are interwoven within each of us, forming and feeding the cycle of life. In this ceremony we will use these 4 elements to cultivate a foundation of balance, knowledge, nourishment, surrender, and empowerment for Amelia and ask for her to be blessed with balance, peace and creation for her life and those she touches.” 

Four Elements Blessing:

FIRE: “Warms the heart and soul and brings light to darkness.  When the sun rises each day, it brings a reminder of new beginnings, hope and rebirth.  At sunset, the sun teaches us to let go as a unique multicolored portrait unveils itself and then merges with the night sky.  Let us ask that these cycles of rebirth and death in all things come with ease and grace for Amelia.”

*fire blessing

AIR: “Provides us with Life Force. The quality of one’s breath is acknowledged as a pathway to inner peace and awakening by many cultures. Let us be reminded of Amelia’s first beautiful breath into this world.” 

*air blessing

WATER: “Invites surrender.  Observing water’s fluid movements and changing form inspires one to apply these lessons to everyday situations. We ask that Amelia be blessed with this gift of water, that she may be able to flow with the dance of life and may her vision for her life be clear.” 

*water blessing

EARTH: “Provides a solid foundation. Mother Earth offers her rich, fertile foundation within which to plant our personal seeds.  She embraces those seeds, feeding them minerals and water allowing our roots to expand and grow.  The purest gifts of Mother Earth are her bounty of freshly grown fruits, vegetables, herbs, nuts, seeds and flowers. Today we will use Mother Earth’s gift of roses a beautiful symbol of love to bless Amelia.”

Rose Blessing:

Janey: “The petals of the white rose are a symbol of innocence and purity, may Amelia’s hopes and dreams and integrity remain untarnished and ever pure, with the wonders of childhood innocence.”

*shower white rose petals

Janey: “The petals of the yellow rose are a symbol of friendship. May they bless Amelia with good and true friends, and may those friendships form unbreakable bonds that will bless her for years to come, helping guide her into the wonderful person she will become and give her a community of support and trust.”

*shower yellow rose petals

Janey: “The petals of the pink rose are a symbol of happiness, gracefulness and gentleness.  May Amelia’s heart always be filled with happiness, her step and actions graceful,  and always possessing of a gentle soul.”

*shower pink rose petals

Janey:  “The petals of the red rose are a symbol of love, respect, courage & passion. May Amelia find true love, may she be respectful and also be shown respect in return, may she have the courage to always overcome her fears and be passionate in all she holds close to her heart.”

*shower red rose petals

Parent Vows:

Kylee: “To you dear Amelia we do promise, To love you and care for you and be there for you always. To encourage the love of yourself so that you may give it to others. To accept who you are, your strengths and your weaknesses and teach you to accept the strengths and weaknesses of others. To give you a sense of connectiveness and belonging, to this family and to the human family. To be with you in the search for truth and the opportunity to find your own understanding of life and respect for all living beings.”

Alec: “To treat you with kindness and gentleness. To know when to hold your hand and know when to let it go. To lift you into the light and illuminate your darkness and to find your own brilliance to shine. To hold you when you cry and teach you how to heal the wounds of heart and mind. To show you the beauty of the world and the beauty of unconditional love. To remember  to be grateful for the wondrous gift of your life. To you Amelia we do promise.”

Janey: “We ask that baby Amelia continue to be blessed and loved throughout her life. May she be guided and supported through all that she does. May she always feel safe and protected in all things. May she constantly feel loved, supported and cherished. Mays he find and follow her path with grace and ease. May she fulfill all the things she has come to do in this lifetime. May her parents, family and friends help guide her gently and lovingly on her path allowing her to be the individual that she is and honoring her choices in life. We ask that she may maintain her innocence, joy and grace as she grows to adulthood. May she choose happiness for all her days and may laughter fill her heart. That she may be a living example of love and hope that is her true nature.

Kylee and Alec, may you enjoy raising Amelia. Inject fun and laughter daily and to live by values to honor herself and all life. 

We would like to give our thanks to baby Amelia for the blessings she brings to all of us, with her sweet spirit. We’d like to thank you all for participating in this beautiful day and sharing your blessings with Amelia and Kylee and Alec. May we continue the celebration of life and its cycles, not just today but every day we are able to gather together!”

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