Amelia's Rose Blessing

There were so many details I carefully put together for this day. From the petals, to the outfits, to the flowers I arranged out of my own garden. The white/grey gorgeous tablecloths were from Target, and I found all of the random vases were from Hobby Lobby.

The ranunculus, tulips and little yellow flowers (that I don’t remember the name of) I had pulled all from my garden. They made the perfect delicate centerpieces, with a bit of eucalyptus. Also the big bouquet we had, was on sale (for being mostly dead) I pulled out the wilted flowers and added a few more. Plus more eucalyptus leaf! The thousands, and thousands of rose petals were pulled by a family friend.

The morning of Amelia’s blessing I had my car packed full of just about everything, I had just picked up the coffee and was on my way to get my make up done. Suddenly, some doofus in front of me SLAMS on his brakes (at a green light, and we were turning right, and the intersection was empty). That’s when the coffee slid out of the back of my car, and fell over, throwing hot coffee all the way across my dashboard, all over me, and all over EVERYTHING. I could just hear it going: chug…chug..chug… as coffee poured into the back seat of my car and all over the flowers. I was in the middle of the road so I couldn’t just stop, so I listened to the coffee destroy everything while I found a place to pull over.

I called Alec, hyperventilating “THERE’S COFFEE IN MY HAIR” .. Luckily he wasn’t too far away, we cleaned up what we could, he gave me the shirt off his back and took Amelia’s ceremony dress and his dress shirt to his moms to be cleaned.

After the fiasco we finally made it to the studio, and began setting up.

If you haven’t seen, White Space Studio just recently remodeled and put in this nude/blush wall. It’s incredible, and it was the perfect backdrop for Amelia’s rose blessing.

As family and friends started to arrive we got Amelia dressed, we were ready to start the ceremony when Amelia decided it was nap time. Which was totally fine, I rocked her to sleep and then we started the ceremony.. She slept the entire time!

The original plan was to have Janey hold Amelia so that we could both shower rose petals, but since she was asleep I really didn’t want to risk passing her back and forth, so I kept her. I was still able to shower rose petals though!

We blessed our sweet Amelia with four different colors of rose petals, white, yellow, red and pink. All with their own meanings and blessings.

White: Innocence + Purity

Yellow: Friendship

Pink: Happiness, Gracefulness + Gentleness

Red: Love, Respect, Courage + Passion

At the end of the ceremony we unraveled Amelia from her blanket to reveal her little white dress, as we did so she yawned, just waking up from her nap. Everyone “oohed” and “awweed” and it reminded me of a Disney movie. Like when Bambi is being revealed to all the woodland creatures. She even put her little hand up to her mouth and it was just the most adorable thing.

Following the ceremony we ate lunch and took a few family pictures. Amelia is so lucky to have 20+ grandparents - yes you read that right. TWENTY(ish). Between her grandparents, great grandparents and GREAT-GREAT grandparents.

Even though the day started off a slightly awful, the ceremony went flawlessly. It was simple, and beautiful and it was everything I wanted for my Amelia.

Enjoy these photos by the oh-so-talentend Portraits by Meg.

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