Amelia's Nursery 2.0

Amelia’s new nursery was project #1 on our to-do list as soon as we moved. It was the first room to get painted but it seems to have taken FOREVER to button up the details. It also took me forever to find time to clean and shoot it, but I spent a rainy/moody Saturday capturing Amelia’s new moody room.

A lot of the details are the same as Amelia's original nursery - which you definitely must see. We just went a little moodier this time. A few special additions have been made, and a few things have been removed because #babyproofing.

Soooo .. We took the light from her original nursery. I don’t know if that’s allowed when you sell a house (we at least replaced it with another brand new light). But this one is sooo good and I wanted to keep the golden/brass touches.

The blue we chose for this room is a little different too, with this new gorgeous Rifle Paper Co. rug we wanted to switch it up a little. You’ll also notice we took the blue all the way on to the baseboards! Crazy right? But its SO good!!!


A couple things we pulled were the hanging baskets, and her book basket is now full of toys and tucked away in her closet.

Alec also built the shelves into her closet - tiny human things don’t organize easily! It gave us a place for all of her books, shoes, hats, etc. He did such a good job, they look like they are supposed to be there!

Light fixture: Home Depot

Shelf: World Market - this is a “mix and match” wall shelf, you can accomplish any style with these options here are the two we decided on: white wash wood w/ gold accent + geometric gold wire brackets.

Cat Picture: Hobby Lobby + currently on sale

Daisy Watercolor: Meligrafi - I found this little beauty while I was photographing some of her products and I told her it simply cannot leave the nursery now!

Embryos: My two little embryos - its impossible to know which one is now our precious Ameia but keeping them framed here is such a sweet reminder of where we came from. We got the gold frame at Home Goods.

Blush Globe: World Market - this globe is what kicked off my love for World Market. And one of the first things I bought for the nursery, it was perfectly pink but not too overwhelming.

String Art: KayLay Design - I met McKayLa last year, when she donated a beautiful string art piece to our IVF Instagram Auction. She is the sweetest and wanted to create a piece for this little girls nursery, and I’m so glad she did! I love these little mountains!

Lamb: Amazon - is this not the cutest organic, hand crocheted lamb you ever saw?

Dresser: I wish I could link this dresser because I know, its so cute right? However it is also extremely special. My great-grandpa Peterson, built this dresser for me when I was born! It was then painted by my Aunt Camille. I will have to share a before and after, because i’m sure you all know a dresser goes through a lot in its lifetime, but I wanted to keep it so badly for this little girl. All we needed to do was switch out the knobs (Home Depot) and then we re-painted the white. If you look closely you can see the floral that was hand painted 23+ years ago, along with 23+ years of dings and dents.

Swan: Pottery Barn - kind of. My step mom found this freaking adorable little swan that a friend was getting rid of and insisted that baby girl needed it - she wasn’t wrong! It is originally from Pottery Barn and I have linked a similiar one above. There’s also a Unicorn Rocker that is to DIE for!

Adventure Wood Sign: Meligrafi - yes, Melanie does it again! I had Melanie paint this wood sign for what would be our nursery … Over a year ago! I can’t even remember when it’s been so long, i’m glad we can finally pull it out and show it off.

Crib: Amazon - I really couldn’t justify how much some of these cribs cost, we didn’t want to go too big on this expense so we stuck with a simple design with great reviews.

Chair: Ikea - kind of. We found this particular one on KSL used, mostly because I really didn’t want to spend an entire day at Ikea looking for a single chair! Linked is a similar one.

Blanket: Home Goods - this blanket is what made me decide the nursery would be blue, we matched the blue wall to the blue stitching.

Pouf: Target - this particular color/style is out of stock but they have a similar ones on sale!

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