Amelia's Birth Story

If you’re here for the photos and would rather skip the gory details - you can see our favorite photos from Portraits by Meg here ..

To begin this story we have to go back a few weeks - to when I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes. During our very first appointment with the specialist for GD the tech noticed baby girl was measuring very small. 6th percentile to be exact - anything under 10 percentile is considered IUGR (Inter Uterine Growth Restriction), this was really the big reason we had so many extra monitoring and ultrasound appointments. I was able to control my blood sugars very well with diet, however baby girl was just so small. Also with her being an IVF baby there was no doubt as to what her due date could be - we knew the exact day she was implanted.

At one of our last appointments the specialist said everything looked great, and that the goal was to get me to 39 weeks .. In my head that meant, she’ll probably come early but we’ll make it to 39 weeks. Then a few days later my OB informed me that they wanted me to have an induction scheduled by 39 weeks .. I was blown away and totally taken off guard seeing how I was already 36 weeks pregnant! After looking at the calendar 39 weeks would be Christmas, 38 weeks the hospital schedule was full, so we picked a date, December 14th.

The reason for the induction is because we still had no clue what was causing the IUGR, whether it be a short umbilical cord or a poor placenta, so they have to find a middle ground where it was not too early to cause problems, but also not too late so that whatever was causing the IUGR to cause more problems.

I remember walking out to my car and I couldn’t stop smiling, we were going to have a baby .. IN A WEEK!

We spent the week preparing for baby girl, I had an entire checklist that couldn’t be done until we were basically heading to the hospital, but I knew exactly when we’d be heading to the hospital. We only told a select few people that we were heading in to be induced on Friday Dec. 14th.

The night before the induction we went out for our final date night, and then prepared the last minute things for the hospital. I also had to soak up the last of Lilly cuddles while she was still my only girl. That night I didn’t sleep at all, finally around 1-2am I got up and started watching movies. Finally it came time to start getting ready, as we were scheduled to be at the hospital at 5am which meant leaving our house just after 4:30am.

Once we arrived, checked in, and settled in, I was started on Pitocin at 7am. I had already been dilated to 1cm and 70% effaced for about a week, which meant we weren’t totally starting from ground zero (thank goodness). As soon as the contractions started I asked “so when can I get that epidural?” haha I was not interested in feeling any of the pain. To which my nurse responded that they wanted me to at least dilate to 3cm before I got it 

*fun fact: my first L&D nurse was also the nurse who had helped us through GD and did my twice weekly NST’s

The 9 o’clock hour was the worst hour of my life. It dragged on FOREVER - it was also the hour I went from 1cm to 3cm. Also by this point I was officially in active labor, so they had begun to lower the Pitocin dosage. I also got an epidural right when I hit 3cm - honestly laboring through the epidural is probably what made it bearable. I was so worried about the needle and the pain at first, but trying to breathe through contractions, the needle in my back was the last thing on my mind.

During all of this we were monitoring baby girl VERY closely. She was the reason for this induction, and most IUGR babies don’t handle labor very well. Making me high-risk for a Cesarean. However, she was just chugging along and doing so so well.

By 12/noon my water had broken, I was dilated 3cm and 100% effaced. Once the epidural kicked in they started to up my Pitocin dose again to keep things progressing.

2pm - still 3cm (the nurse told me 3.5cm but I think she said that just to make me feel better).

3pm - no progress and we were sitting at max dose of Pitocin.

4pm - 4cm - still at max Pitocin (its really just a max they can give, so they had to call my OB and get approval to add even more). We got the approval and since we would be going up they had to add an extra contraction monitor inside my uterus.

All of the sudden I had a contraction that literally went off the chart, my blood pressure dropped very low, and I almost passed out (thanks to my Vagal Nerve response), which baby girl really did not like. Once we got my blood pressure back to normal, and baby girl settled down, at 4:30pm the doctor had come to place the extra contraction monitor and he told us I had just gone from 4cm to 6cm!

6pm - still at 6cm

 As I dilated more I had the worst hip pain. The only thing that helped was Alec putting all of the pressure he could on my hips during each contraction.

8pm - we jumped to 9cm! And by 9pm I hit 10cm. That hour went by SO quickly. My doctor had decided to let baby girl work on lowering herself down for a bit before we were to start pushing.

This is where I feel wildly mislead - almost every birth story i’ve ever heard or seen on tv is dilate to 10cm, push, baby.

Just after 9pm I started pushing.

I pushed.

I pushed.

One hour with very little progress.

I pushed.

I pushed.

Two hours very little progress.

I had wanted to be one of those moms who have the beautiful hair and make-up throughout their birth story .. However I made it about this far with my hair done (I had no idea how my make up looked anymore) but I was overheating and Alec had to pull my hair up - creating his first messy bun!

We decided to take a little break from pushing. At this point my epidural was OUT. Like there was nothing left in there and it was beeping non-stop at us. My nurse called the anesthesiologist for about an hour before she strolled in to fix it. I was pissed, to put it delicately.

Hour three - we had been pushing when my doctor arrived and suggested we may need to do a vacuum extraction. At this point I just needed to be done. I was so exhausted, I didn’t sleep the night before, it was now after midnight, and I had been laboring since 7am.

At this point I had so much epidural that I couldn’t even tell if I was pushing. I was sure that I wasn’t even helping at all anymore.

I remember thinking “there’s no way he’s going to put a baby on my chest” and “I bet nothing comes out, theres just no baby in there and that’s why nothing is happening” I was in such denial that this was really happening. Even after carrying her for the last 9 months.

Finally, at 12:56am on December 15th, 2018 - Amelia Jo Wilson was placed on my chest. With the tiniest little body, and the tiniest little cries, I have truly never loved like this.

This is the moment I realized all my dreams had come true.