24 Weeks // 6 Months

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We are officially 6 months pregnant, so I guess it's time for one of these right? It seems like a lifetime ago that we transferred our little embryos. The days drag by so slow, but then all the sudden i'm 24 weeks pregnant?! Its mind-blowing.


Dress: Pink Blush // Shoes: Forever Young Shoes 

How far along are you? 24 weeks!
What fruit are you? Corn on the cob or cantelope, everyone has a different answer .. ha
Due Date? January 1st! However I'm gonna convinced she'll come early.
Gender: Girl!
Total weight gain/loss: Since the very beginning of my pregnancy i've gained about 10 pounds. Which is still amazing to me, I feel like i've gained more! I gained about 10 pounds just during our first round of IVF.
Stretch marks: I honestly got stretch marks on my hips at like 9 weeks. It was so sudden and random. I've always had stretch marks on my thighs but they are now darker. 
Swelling: Well, my wedding rings haven't fit since our transfer! My bands lasted until about 12 weeks - Alec got me this adorable tear drop opal ring that I have been using as a replacement. Some swelling to the feet and ankles has been happening recently if i'm on my feet for too long!
Maternity clothesFinally! I have found maternity pants that fit. Mostly living in dresses still while the weather is HOT (is Summer just 100x hotter when you're pregnant or whats up with that?) The dress pictured above is SO soft, and it comes in a non-maternity option. PinkBlush has some seriously cute options that I can’t wait to fill my closet with!
Belly button: In! I have an oddly deep belly button so I’m thinking it may stay this way! haha
Sleep: Lots of tossing and turning, lots of pillows, lots of bathroom visits. I bought a pregnancy pillow and I tried napping with it, and its just SO stiff that I woke up with a headache! 
Food cravings: There was about a week or two between morning sickness and now where I LOVED all foods again. It was amazing. Now I have zero appetite. Nothing sounds good, nothing tastes good. Its all good fun.
Symptoms: Besides little arms and feet jabbing at my belly all day I feel like a normal person! It's amazing!
Movement: SO much movement, she has just started moving throughout the day in the lsat couple weeks. I'll just be walking along and stopped in my tracks by a little kick. Seriously the best feeling in the whole entire world. At night we sit and watch her dance around in my belly - I could just stare at my tummy all night/day long.
What I miss: Fitting into all of my normal clothes! I'm just so out of my element! I also REALLY miss alcohol, I seriously didn't think it would be a thing but I crave beer. haha! 
What I’m loving: Watching my belly move with my girl. Seeing Alec be amazed by this too is so cool.
What i’m looking forward too: Baby face! I just want to see her face so bad! Every ultrasound she snuggles up into me and I love it, its adorable, but c'mon! 
Words of wisdom: Pregnancy is such an incredible thing. People say it all the time but it really is crazy what our bodies are capable of. Give yourself grace during pregnancy, don’t be too hard on yourself. This is something I had to learn during infertility, and yet again during pregnancy. Try to enjoy every moment and every bump along the way. There are good days and there are hard days and that’s just the way it is, soak it all up mama!

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