Gardening Tips From Grandma Carol

Over the years Grandma Carol has taught me so many life lessons. Maybe eventually I'll blog them all for you to learn too, but today we'll just cover the gardening tips and tricks.

Last year before I started my flower garden I started a Pinterest board (of course) - however, Grandma Carol doesn't have a Pinterest! So I would have to send her screenshots and i'd say "I like this one, will it work?" and just from a picture she'd be like "Oh that's a (insert crazy flower name here) and it needs full sunshine" - like what the heck?! 

My first year flower garden was adorable, small but adorable. However, one died (my bleeding hearts plant) before the summer was up. And several didn't come back this year! Which was okay because I got to go shopping for new ones!

Where my plants are located get half sun, half shade during spring and early summer. But towards the end of summer it gets pretty much full sun. So I got a few that require full sun, and we'll see if they make it!

Now on to Gardening Tips & Tricks by Grandma Carol:

  1. "After you pull all your weeds, sprinkle Preen on the ground around your flowers. It really keeps weeds down."  .. I linked Preen above but not #sponsored.
  2. "Cut all dead flowers, because they take food from the new ones." .. Plus they don't look pretty! That's a good excuse right?
  3. "Till (loosen the soil) the ground once in a while in your flower beds, feed your plants by direction on your plant food." .. I secretly love tilling my flower garden, it makes it easier to pull weeds, plus it gets me outside and focused on things outside of my head. 

Things I learned from her, checking the plant info to make sure you can plant it in your location. Like if its full sun and its a shady plant (lol a shady plant) then it won't thrive. Also at the end of each year trim down your plants so they can come back next year. 

Oh biggest thing i've learned .. The difference between annuals and perennials: Perennial flowers are those that continue to grow year after year after remaining dormant throughout the winter. Annuals typically are planted in the spring and summer months, bloom for the season, and then die. 

Lastly, and not flower garden related, but lawn related. At the beginning of the year, sprinkle some fertilizer on the lawn, just before it rains so it soaks in. Alec did this a couple times this year, and now every time people come over they compliment him on his lawn. He's like a little Layne Jr. with his lawn!

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