AJ Apothecary Drawing Bluegrass Mask

My skin and I have had quite the love/hate relationship. I just recently got my acne under control with the help of an amazing dermatologist, but left behind is all of the scars from years of this battle.

Now that i'm working on lightening my skin and getting the coloring together, I was so excited to try out this mask. There are few masks that I have tried that I have absolutely loved. This AJ Apothecary Bluegrass Drawing Mask immediately took redness out of my skin!

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Does this remind anyone of a certain Black Beach in Iceland?! .. I may just have Iceland on the mind but still.

Okay first off - start with clean skin. I mean you shouldn't have to be told this but, you never know! Then apply the mask all over:

Let the mask sit for 5-10 minutes! Then you'll rinse/wipe it off with a washcloth .. and WA-LA! You have glowing brighter skin.

After this I followed my regular skin care regime of Image Intense Lightening Serum and Image Daily Hydrating Mosturizer SPF 30 - both incredible products!

Here is a picture of my skin before and after:

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