My Journey to Long(ish) Hair

Many lifetimes ago I decided to get a pixie cut, then I decided to go blonde, and then blonder and blonder. I kept this fun style, playing with colors and all of the pixie styles you can think of for probably a good 2 years before I decided to grow it out. The thing was when I got my pixie I told my stylist "I think I want to try a pixie cut!" - WRONG. You do not simply try a pixie cut, its a lifestyle, that will take years to come back from. 

About the time Alec and I got engaged in 2014, is when I decided to start growing my hair out. But I knew it wouldn't be the length I wanted for the wedding so I just needed to get it long enough for extensions! I tried EVERYTHING - I took ItWorks vitamins, I used Mane & Tail shampoo and conditioner, you name it and I tried it. My hair did grow relatively fast, but I also stopped lightening it and I mean I used to be this blonde! (see above)

Pictured below is November, to January and March you'll notice some serious growth! I think I only colored it once in between this time frame, just trying to get back to my natural color.

I love this picture of me and Alec.. :)

So from this last photo in March we're going to jump to July, this is the longest I had my hair before I put extensions in. This is also from my bridal shower so it's a little random but I wish I had realized how much my hair had grown! I probably would have left it this length for the wedding, but what can you do.

The amazing Beauty by Lyssa did my extensions, obviously. We also did tape in, and they were amazing! I had never used tape in before so these blew my mind. 

And I rocked these extensions for probably a good 7 months - which was perfect because it got me through most of the awkward stages of hair length that everyone hates to experience! 

Here is a picture with extensions from when I launched Sociaal Grid in January of 2016. So from my July 2015 wedding to January of 2016 - thats a really long time to not know how long my actual hair is!

This was also about the time the "lob" started coming into trend so I took a leap and pulled out all my extensions. It was incredible.

Lets just compare here -

October 2014 vs. March 2016

Do you still want a pixie cut?

So my hair slowly growing back, we started lightening the ends like seen above in March. Then I lightened them again around July, before putting the pink in, in September! 

I know we're dragging on here but I promise i'm coming to a conclusion - at the same time I chopped my bangs (against the will of my husband) I started using Grow It Girl. It was actually perfect timing, I had a couple of pink colors in, I was having to blow dry my bangs EVERY time I washed them (I normally air dry). So my hair was in need of some love, also who doesn't want even LONGER hair?!

Grow It Girl is a 100% natural leave-in product to promote fast and healthy hair growth.  It balances the PH levels of the scalp and eliminates dandruff, flakes, and itchiness. It also smells really good as it contains essential oils!

I would have never thought that it would take THREE years to get my hair to this point. I mean I really have tried everything in the book.

I agree with the saying "its just hair, it'll grow back" but just prepare for the lifestyle, there is no such thing as bun days!

*gasp* - I know.

So in my experience I honestly don't think i'll ever do it again. It was fun, probably a good experience for me, but no thanks. 

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