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Hello! One reason I started this Lifestyle section was so that I could get a little more personal with my clients, followers, and just my tribe! And so i'm going to share some random things about my life - lets go!

I have a little dog - Lilly - she's Havenese mixed with Poodle. Then I have two cats, Henry and Mama Cat. Mama Cat's real name is Olive, but it just never sounded right so we changed it!

I married my Junior High sweetheart - Alec - in 2015, in Mount Hood, Oregon. We had a beautifully intimate cabin wedding, it was a dream! My dress was custom made, from one of those sketchy chinese sites, i'm just lucky it turned out to be as beautiful as I hoped!

I launched Sociaal Grid almost a whole year ago! To find out what got me interested in social media and web design check out my Where To Begin post.

My first client was Daily Rise Coffee and with the help of my girl Portraits by Meg i've been able to continually wow them and keep their website, social media, etc. all consistent and beautiful! They have two locations, one in Layton and one in Ogden. You MUST visit them, you'll never want to leave!

I'm absolutely terrified of horses, but my sister in-law is an equestrian (more often known as riding, horseback riding, or horse riding. refers to the skill of riding, driving, steeplechasing or vaulting with horses.) Maybe I should have her give me lessons? haha

Last year I was able to see the Dalai Lama - His Holiness, speak at the University of Utah and it was completely life changing. 

I love the outdoors - if the temperature is just right!

This is my lovely marketing team at Eco Flower - we handle the full spectrum - marketing, photography, photo styling, web design, product design, advertising, collaborations, graphics and more! I'm so honored to work with CJ and Rachel, such a great team to have and i've learned so much from them.

Last but not least, I'm absolutely looking forward to making this year be as amazing as last. We will be kicking of our year of travel in April, when we head to Iceland! Thank you all for your support and love, Sociaal Grid wouldn't be this successful without you all.

Print by: Lexie Faith Designs 

Print by: Lexie Faith Designs 

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