Daily Rise Coffee

Happy first day of Fall! Today calls for a new Daily Rise Coffee mug, coffee and my cute Lilly. Plus we are starting to finish up our TV room remodel so i'm just going to cuddle up here forever.. Until I remodel another room!

I am totally a sweet coffee kind of girl - white mocha, any mix in, or all of them.. I have no shame. BUT then I found the Wilderness Blend. I can drink this delicious blend of light and dark roasts with just a little bit of sugar. And can we all just appreciate the beauty of these beans?! They roast their beans fresh multiple times a week, every week. Always fresh and always delicious. 

If you've ever met the people at Daily Rise Coffee you know that their hearts are made of gold. Beth and Jeff have created their coffee shops around the motto "Promoting Positive Energy". You don't meet people as genuine as these guys very often. 

Daily Rise Coffee is USDA certified organic - USDA certified organic foods are grown and processed according to federal guidelines, such as; soil quality, pest and week control, and use of additives. 

Whether organic products are important to you or not - supporting local business should be! Daily Rise Coffee is also part of Utah's Own, and supporting local businesses is something dear to my heart. Its rare that you go into a business and you find the owners helping out the baristas at the busy drive thru or in the roastery making the perfect blend of beans!

The Wilderness Blend is so perfect for this transition into fall. Also this is the brand new Daily Rise Coffee mug - its large (as all coffee mugs should be) and its microwave & dishwasher safe! You can pick yourself up one at any Daily Rise Coffee drive thru location for only $10.00 - if you're not local and you need one (which you do) send me an email! We will get one sent to you.