The Hottest Chicks at HOCO

When my little sister told me she was going to her FIRST high school dance I couldn't contain my excitement. Plus the fact that I got her into this darling dress from Dreams of Enchantment was a miracle in itself! Now if you know ShiLynn she is not a dress girl, but we tried on SO many dresses. Probably every dress that you could imagine in her size and even a size up just in case we could alter it some. We found the perfect dress for her (although we had to hem up about 4 inches because of shorty over here) and it was 40% OFF! Seriously amazing deal, I couldn't resist.

ShiLynn asked her date Maddy by covering her room in peeps and she left a note that said "If you go to HOCO with me we would be the hottest chicks there". How cute is that?! They went to the dance and then all dressed up they went to Warrens for a burger - sounds like my kind of date!

Sidney + Rylie are also best friends who went together. I think most of the magic of these pictures is that they were just being themselves, they weren't trying to impress any dates and we just laughed and awed over the beauty each of these girl had. 

Now i'm no more of a photographer than any other girl with a nice DSLR camera. But when you are working with girls this beautiful how could you possibly take a bad picture?!

Apparently i'm a lot older than I thought - they don't call it Homecoming anymore its strictly "HOCO". Like what? haha I've never heard of this - so if i'm not the only one who has never heard of this I won't feel so bad but gosh did I feel old around these girls!

Here are some of my favorites - and we can all reminisce about getting all dressed up.


Black Dress - Dreams of Enchantment // Blue Dress - Just Girl Stuff //

Pink Dress - Just Girl Stuff // Dark Blue Dress - Bliss Layton Hills Mall