Lipsense & A Giveaway!

If you live in Utah and haven't heard of LipSense then you may live under a rock. LipSense is huge right now, and i'm starting to see why! 

I'm not a big lipstick girl but I do like to wear it from time to time. Mostly because when I do where it I have to wipe it off before eating, or touch it up, and its just a hassle. But what part of being a woman isn't?!

Here's the scoop on LipSense - LipSense is a unique product that is waterproof, and does not kiss off, rub off or budge off. It also doesn't dry out your lips, it actually helps restore the moisture when used properly. The Liquid Lip Color can last anywhere from 4 to 18 hours!

My friend Hayley swears by this stuff: "I was hesitant to try LipSense at first because I'm not big on the makeup scene (a couple coats of mascara and I call it good). BUT I tried it and I love it! Taking just two minutes of my morning routine, it helps me feel more done up and pretty throughout the day. "

This is a great product for people who don't like to spend time on their make up, and also the people who like to take time on their make up, but don't like how quickly it washes off!

It's extremely easy, a couple coats of color, then top it off with the gloss. You can't mess it up! Well, I guess you could, but they also have a great product called the "Oops Remover" that will be your best friend until you're a total LipSense pro. 

The color I am wearing is Caramel Apple - it's a little shimmery for my taste. I love the matte colors, but I was surprised how much I loved the pink! I've played with reds, dark purples, nudes, but not pink. 

If you order by December 14th you can stuff stockings with LipSense!

Visit: (on a completely unrelated note, who votes they need a website upgrade?!) Make sure to enter - 227028 - in the distributor box, because Hayley is amazing, and get it in time for Christmas!

Not ready to commit? You can try LipSense for FREE! Hayley and I are teaming up to give on lucky person a starter collection, this includes: a color, gloss, and the ooops remover!

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