Pour Moi Beauty

Readers digest of Pour Moi Beauty: The first climate based skincare system where skin stays consistently hydrated through changing season and in different places. 

This product immediately struck me because living in Utah we have such extreme seasons. We go from a dry hot summer to a dry cold winter, you can't tell me that any facial cleansers will just do year round. 

I especially noticed that my face wash wasn't doing the trick in Hawaii, my skin is naturally oily, and with the humidity it was just freaking out! It would have been so nice to have the Pour Moi Beauty with me.

Pour Moi Beauty is a 3 step system:

1 - Hydrating Balancer: a unique liquidized lotion, it instantly softens, and soothes skin in all climates. This balancer has quite the Earthy smell to it, but you will grow to love it! After you wash your face, you apply the Hydrating Balancer with a cotton swab. Simple, easy, my type of bedtime routine! Also, this wouldn't be a fitting post without Henry photo bombing some aspect of it. 

2 - Serum: loaded with powerful peptides and other effective ingredients, it instantly hydrates and nourishes skin in all climates. Also protecting against free radicals and restores skin barrier. There are two different serum options: the white one for oily skin, and a black on for dry skin. I have extremely oily skin so I opted for the white one. I am extremely careful about what serum's i put on my face because it is so oily, if its too heavy its just a disaster. However, the Pour Moi Serum is extremely light weight and absorbs quickly!

3 - Climate Sensitive Day & Night Cream: This is where you climate specifics come into play. Created for each of the four major global climates and formulated in harmony with each other. The night cream supports skin's resting and restoration. And they have a cream for your climate!

- Polar Climate: Cold & Dry - Utah right now

- Temperate Climate: Normal & Mild

- Tropical Climate: Hot & humid - What I needed in Hawaii

- Desert Climate: Hot & Dry - Utah Summers

All in all I was extremely impressed by Pour Moi Beauty, my skin has been something that I have struggled with for years, and I have tried EVERYTHING. 

Although it is a 3 step system, it takes minutes. The process is not cumbersome and probably a lot simpler than most! Another thing to remember with Pour Moi Beauty is that a little goes a long way, there were a couple nights in the beginning that I would have to wash my hands because I got a little too much.. Worst thing ever!

To learn more about Pour Moi Beauty and their France based company visit their site: http://pourmoibeauty.com/

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