This is one of my favorite traditions, it all started 3 years ago when our brother Conor said "hey lets have a Friendsgiving!" and we were all like "whats that?". At the time we were in a tiny one bedroom apartment, we had to pull the table into the living room because it was too big to even be in our kitchen, it was just pushed against the wall! Mostly used for storage purposes. Conor, McKinley, Eddie, Alec and I squished around our little 5 person table and ate chicken turnovers and green jell-o (Conor's favorite). 

That was the first and last Friendsgiving we would share with Conor.

Photo edited by:  Portraits by Meg  

Photo edited by: Portraits by Meg 

Skip forward 3 years, we're in our own home. We tripled our guest list, but we still squished around this table to share a delicious meal together! Alec and I bought brisket and ribs, and then sent it to the chef (my dad) to smoke for 16 hours! We then had all of our friends bring their favorite dish, we had mashed potatoes, artichoke dip, pasta salad, the list is endless! 

Once we all sat down we poured everyone a shot of Java Liqueuer - It is a coffee liqueur roasted by Daily Rise Coffee and crafted by The Hive Winery - I then said a short and sweet toast to my dear friends, short because i'm an emotional person and I had to stop before the tears overflowed, sweet because i'm just sweet! Just kidding, but really.

The table was set with garland and loose leaves from Michael's - I got them half off like 4 months ago - I also got adorable little candles and I had a couple of tall candles to add a hint of elegance. I finished off the table with a few loose Eco Flower's - which I found out a lot of my friends hadn't even heard of Eco Flower! Am I even doing my job?! To pull it all together I had my girl Lexie Faith come and write everyones names on the butcher paper, that wrapped the table. They turned out SO cute! If you are in need of any calligraphy work, hit her up!

I actually set 2 different tables but with the weather being, well Utah weather, we had a few people running late, and a couple that had to leave early, we basically just ate in shifts! Dinner was delicious, perfect, and filled with great conversation. All of our friends have such great personalities, its fun to see them all mesh together! 

We set up a photo wall, nothing fancy but I think it was so much fun! Our house doesn't have the best lighting. Especially at night. We used this outdoor lights that we got for Christmas last year, put up some white butcher paper and just went for it! I'm a big picture person, I want pictures to document everything. This was a fun way to let people capture their own memories.

After a hilarious game of Cards Against Humanity - if you've never played this, please do! maybe not with your family though haha - we just got to hang out and enjoy each others company some more. We shared pictures of our cute dogs, funny stories, just a great time with great company!

I am so thankful for all of these people, they all have touched my life in different ways and I can't imagine my world without a single one of them. 

And yes, you must hold a Friendsgiving next year! You won't regret it. 


Calligraphy: Lexie Faith Dopp // Flowers: Eco Flower // Leafy Garland: Michael's // 

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