Gold & Ivy

I never realized how much I loved filling my home with scents until one night a couple months ago, I had a candle going and a friend walked into our house and said "It smells SO good in here! It smells like fall!". Kind of a weird thing to be flattered when someone compliments the smell of your house but I feel like its fine... 

When I found Gold & Ivy on Instagram I was first taken by her feed, I mean you all have to check it out! It's SO pretty! As the holiday season snuck up on me I thought "I need to make my house smell good!" - we have so many visitors, a lot unannounced, especially during the holidays! Plus I don't mind smelling the deliciousness anyway. 

Gold & Ivy sent me 3 of her natural soy wax melts; Pumpkin Bread, Winter and Peppermint Bark.

Also, how cute is this handwritten note she sent with my wax melts? I could just die over my name in calligraphy. Can Alexis just follow me around and sign my name on stuff?! 

For Halloween and the couple weeks after I have been running the Pumpkin Bread, oh my, its delicious! It makes you wonder if someone has accidentally taken a bite out of it? It has been so perfect for fall!

Now that its winter, just kidding, I'm in Utah and apparently winter forgot that we were friends. We usually have SOME snow by now, but we have zero! I'm hoping to help the process by melting my Winter wax melts and putting up Christmas tonight! This one is such a soft clean smell, and for Friendsgiving I did a blend of the Pumpkin Bread upstairs and then transition into the Winter for downstairs. Also, mama cat seems to really like this Winter smell and you can't beat cat approved!

This Peppermint Bark scent IS Christmas! You know how there's just a Christmas smell? Well this is it, and you should fill your house with it! I love this scent so much, and it makes me so excited for the holidays! I also think i'll blend this one upstairs into the Winter wax melts downstairs. I like doing a blend because you never really get used to a specific smell. I'll work downstairs, and when I walk upstairs it's a new smell and its heavenly! Plus, Lilly loves the Peppermint Bark. Which I find punny .. Oh yes I just made a dad joke. 

We are currently doing a giveaway on Instagram for a Winter candle from Gold & Ivy! So head over and check that out for details.. Remember during this holiday season to shop small! Support somebodies dream, make their day, just do it. 

Also, there is have a promo going on until Monday for 20% off, no minimum, with the code "HOLIDAY20". 

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