TV Room Remodel

Okay, this project has taken us a lot longer to pull together than I had hoped! There are some final touches we will add to the room but for the most part it is done! I'm so excited to share this room with you guys, it has officially become my favorite room in the house. You'll see why!

We had been talking about remodeling this room for a while and then we suddenly just jumped into it and started buying supplies. With this being said I didn't take before pictures... *face palm* I know, I'm terrible. I did however take pictures during and I found this OLD photo from when we were looking at buying the house that helps you get the gist of what we were working with!

I had a vision in my head, grey wood flooring, black and white walls. I was ready to go! We found this awesome tile that looks exactly like wood flooring but it lasts longer and its waterproof - with pets this is a plus because someone almost always has an accident! We went to Lowe's to pick out paint and there was only one black that I liked so thats how we decided on that one the grey/white color we had splotches taped on the wall for about two weeks before I could decide!

We started by ripping off baseboards and pulling up carpet, this was a MESS! Also, the carpet sat in our garage for like a month before we got it thrown away so i'm a little anti carpet at the moment. But theres carpet glue you have to scrape up, the foam padding sticks to the glue, its just not fun. Also look how yellow it looks! Our ENTIRE HOUSE is this color - including the ceilings! It's a little too much beige for me. 

Also we had to mud all of the holes in the wall and the holes from the screws that hold the baseboards, i'm lucky that I grew up watching my dad drywall!

We started this project on a Thursday I believe and so Alec was at work Friday when I started painting, I started with the white/grey and then we tackled the black last. Lets all laugh out loud at this snapchat shot that says "Last nights progress - maybe we will finish it today!" .. We did not finish it that day.

It didn't help that I could only paint half of the room because, short person problems.. I'm not even that short! But definitely too short to be a painter!

So Alec actually laid the tile for us, how cool is that?! He's never tiled in his life so we had a few friends helping but for the most part he did the floors! This was a cool process, but it ended up taking the whole weekend to lay the tile in this room. We thought it would take a day .. HAHAH oh naive little children we were.. 

This was our progress come Saturday, 3 days in on a project we thought would take 2/3 days! If you compare this color of the black/white paint to what it was, there is such a big difference! The natural light just seems so much more pure to me. I love it!

My poor Henry cat decided he loved the floor so much that he would roll around on it, I don't know what he found, cement, mud, paint, but it got stuck in his fur and I had to cut it out. I still laugh hysterically at this photo! Luckily it has grown back and I don't laugh at him anymore, I believe his ego has bounced back from this experience as well.

We had the last push to finish the tile Sunday evening and Shon & Shelli came over to help. They seriously saved us so much time! Shon and Alec finished up tile while Shelli and I painted baseboards.

Luckily we had colors and furniture that matched our remodel already, so this wasn't really a costly remodel! Putting this room back together has been so amazing. It makes it feel like OUR home. Not just like we've moved into someone else's space. 

There were a couple refurnishing projects we did for this room. The dresser/xbox console we tore up and painted when we first moved into the house over a year ago. Then for this room I painted these gold/brown mirrors black to match the room!

All of these pieces are extremely special, a lot of the art I collected from small shops or local artists! Like I said, its extremely important to me to support small businesses!

This gorgeous piece was done by my friend Jill with Hot Pink Paints. The texture the gold foil adds is AMAZING! You all should follow her page, she just had her little one so she might be doing more paintings here soon!

I am slightly, just kidding, I am extremely obsessed with this moon by my dear friend Allison Taylor - I first saw one of her moon pieces forever ago and I just knew I had to have it. As soon as I decided on a color scheme I had her start to work on this piece for me. It's amazing and you all need one. 

This first piece was done by Mandy Fitzgerald she has so many prints, also many with beautiful colors. This piece is called "Black Sun" and its Alec's favorite! I feel like it fits in this room so perfectly.

The next piece is a watercolor portrait of Lilly! How great is that?! If I could have one of this as like a mural on the wall, just covering the entire wall, I would. This perfect piece was done by Anna Liisa Moss she does lots of beautiful watercolor work, from hand lettering to adorable portraits like this one of Lilly! 

These two little flowers mean more to me than anyone could imagine. The first one is a gold rose that Alec gave to me for Valentine's Day YEARS ago. I wanna say 5-6 years ago. It's beautiful and perfect, and actually matched this room nicely. I'm so glad that I can now have it on display!

The second one is a dried rose from Conor's funeral. For some of you who may not know, Conor is my brother in-law (Alec's brother) who passed away almost two years ago in April, due to a tragic motorcycle accident. Our house is filled with memories of him but this piece always makes me feel his presence when I look at it. In the jar I put a few seashells from our trip to California we took with him just a few months before his passing, this entire thing is just a special piece. 

This way rad map decal was made by Mark Johnson - website in the making - I fell in love with this idea when I saw it on Urban Outfitters site. But I wanted it bigger than they sold, and support local businesses people!

We also picked up these pins from the local Michaels, to mark all of the places we have been! Now we are now geographical inclined people so we just sort of eyeballed it. We have Switzerland, Amsterdam, London, Vancouver, Oregon, Washington, California (Long Beach) and we just added Kauai!

I'm pretty obsessed with how this room turned out, to put it simply.

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