My Laparoscopy Experience + Payne & Comfort

After years of dealing with symptoms of Endometriosis I found a doctor who took my pain seriously and scheduled me a Laparoscopy procedure. I've dealt with extreme pain that causes me to throw up or even pass out at times, and infertility making it a very small possibility to have the family i've always dreamed of. 

The morning of my Laparoscopy I was nauseas with anxiety. Also the fact that I hadn't eaten and wasn't able to eat didn't help my state. I was so nauseas and nervous that I shared this on social media and I was overwhelmed by the love and the support I received. I felt silly that I had kept all this to myself for so long when I knew so many strong women who had experienced something similar. 

My biggest fear for this procedure was the recovery - I seriously sat on google for the entire two weeks before my procedure trying to get an idea of what to expect. Here's a list of everything I googled:

  • what causes painful periods - I wanted to see if there was anything else it could possibly be
  • endometriosis causes
  • when is the first day of fall - haha sometimes you need a distraction
  • laparoscopy
  • laparoscopy procedure
  • best aromatherapy for pain
  • best snacks for post op recovery
  • what to eat during your recovery after surgery
  • best foods for post op recover - guys i'm just a hungry person

I read so much about pain after the surgery and I really never could have prepared myself for the shoulder pain! I hope this helps someone who is trying to reassure themselves as I was trying to do with all my google searches. I would seriously love to answer any questions about the procedure, recovery time, endometriosis, anything you might want to know. I felt so comforted being able to talk to family and friends about this. Google - not so comforting. 

We finally arrived, did some admitting paperwork, and were taken back where I got changed into my hospital gown and a fabulous hair net. We then had to wait around for 1.5 hours because the operating room was behind. Which I wasn't too concerned with, I was okay waiting. But have you ever sat around with an IV in your hand?! THAT'S the worst. They finally told me it was time to go back and they got ready to wheel me down to the operating room. I hugged and kissed Alec goodbye and fought back tears - I was so nervous and hungry - the perfect mixture for an emotional wreck. Once back there they introduced me to the nurses who would be assisting my doctor and they helped me move on to the operating table. They placed a mask on my face and said "this is only oxygen" and then I was out.

When I finally came to, I woke up to an unfamiliar voice - the nurse saying my name. I remember the first thing I asked was "where is my husband?" she replied "he'll meet you in the recovery room." I honestly don't remember being wheeled into the recovery room but I remember Alec poking his head through the little curtain divider. They made me eat "frackers" and drink lots of water - back story: I text my sister, ShiLynn, when I was awake and said "i'm out, i'm okay, they're making me eat stupid frackers" I meant crackers but how does one text correctly coming right out of anesthesia? Also they were stupid because my mouth was so dry I couldn't even chew one bite! Hence the water.

I was able to get up right away and we made our way home fairly quickly. ShiLynn was waiting at home for me with all the fur babies. Alec brought Lilly out to the car so that she would calm down and see that she needed to be good for me. She's very intuitive, if you're sad she'll cuddle you, if you're happy she's running around all hyped up. It was amazing how quickly she calmed after she saw me and my state. I walked up to our bedroom and looked at our California King - never have I ever complained about the size of this bed but I could see this was going to be rough. Alec helped me up and Lilly and Henry cat snuggled up next to me for the rest of the night, and the next few days. I also had to start keeping a pillow across my stomach because Henry cat kept curling up on me.

My dear friend Alyssa brought us some food - I've only had two other procedures, wisdom teeth and my tonsils. With those I couldn't eat hardly anything so it was such a relief that I could eat whatever I wanted. Even if it was just chicken noodle soup.

The first night my pain was the muscles in my stomach, I couldn't get up by myself. I also was feeling the CO2 trapped inside my body and it actually made my ribs ache.

The second day my stomach hurt so bad. Just the muscles would ache and I was still having a hard time getting up by myself. I also started itching like crazy -  a very common side effect of pain killers. Alec had gone back to work but he was so great about waking up throughout the night *every 4 hours* to make sure I took medicine and helping me get up and go to the bathroom.  Also this day I received this AMAZING grey pillow from my friend Jill from Hot Pink Style. It's seriously so soft, Henry definitely never left my tummy after this fluff of heaven arrived. Shop this pillow here

The third day I tried to get some work done. One beautiful thing about working from home, but I definitely over did it. I even went out to the mail box this day and I found my package from Payne & Comfort! Erin sent me a Socket Sack + Payne Killer for my recovery. The Socket Sacks are perfect for migraine and sinus pressure relief - amazing for this allergy season! You can place them in the freezer or heat them in the microwave (30-40 seconds is the suggested time). The Payne Killer was my best friend. I seriously have used this guy SO much. I've basically used out the Lavender scent I had infused. I always heated my Payne Killer for 60 seconds for the perfect amount of soothing. Each Socket Sack or Payne Killer is stuffed with flax seed to hold the aromatherapy better than your usual rice pack. When deciding which scents I wanted infused I googled "best aromatherapy for pain" it then took me to this link. I had my Payne Killer infused with Lavender - "Lavender Essential oil is antimicrobial, pain relieving and relaxing. When you inhale the vapors, either from the bottle directly, or diffused in the air using a diffuser, it helps to reduce muscle tension and relieves stress." Then with my Socket Sack I had it infused with Eucalyptus - "When used topically it has anti-inflammatory and analgesic  properties. You can use it as a lotion or cream massaged into areas that are painful or as a bath oil or salt in the bath.  It’s recommended for treating nerve pain, sprains, strains and muscular pains and aches. In addition, it works well when combined with other types of essential oils like lavender.  However, it should be used carefully since it can be toxic when used in large amounts." Use coupon code: "SOCIAAL10" to get 10% off your very own Payne Killer + Socket Sack. 

By my fourth day I had cut down to only Ibuprofen. I still had the CO2 gas from surgery trapped in my body - I could literally hear it popping as my heart beat against it. Disturbing, uncomfortable and the pain that it shot into my shoulders was unbelievable. I couldn't stay up for too long before the pain in my shoulder become too much. By this point I was really only using my Payne Killer on my shoulder - the incision pain was nothing!

Five days in - I thought i'd be perfectly fine by now! The pain in my shoulder still drove me crazy and I just couldn't stand it. What causes this shoulder pain is the trapped CO2 gas sits on your diaphragm and there are nerves that link to your shoulder, therefore causing the shooting pain. By the end of the day I was starting to feel like a person again and I was even able to bug Alec a little bit. It's the little things in life! 

Monday rolled around and I was SO sick of this shoulder pain. I forced myself out of bed and I kept my Payne Killer hot and on my shoulder ALL day. It soothed the pain and helped me stay out of bed. I was exhausted by the end of the day but being out of bed helped me work out the remaining CO2 gas. I seriously don't know what I would have done without my Payne Killer

One thing that I feel like made my recovery time harder was I started my cycle the Monday after. So six days after I was cramping again on top of the pain I had from the procedure. Again, thank goodness for my Payne Killer!

I am officially feeling better, not complete but i'm getting there! I still have some soreness at the incision site where the glue is still holding me together. I seriously cannot thank everyone enough for all the love and support I received. We got so much soup, so many prayers and so much love. Now I can officially begin the healing process and hopefully this will help us have a little Wilson running around someday. 

*Payne & Comfort care: spot clean only. Each scent fades differently, and depends on how often it is used. Add some of your favorite essential oils to the seam and shake to bring the aromatherapy back! 

*Payne & Comfort care: spot clean only. Each scent fades differently, and depends on how often it is used. Add some of your favorite essential oils to the seam and shake to bring the aromatherapy back! 

Big thank you to Portraits by Meg for making me look half decent even in recovery. Check out all of her amazing work here and follow her beautiful Instagram feed @portraitsbymeg

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