Little Black Bird Soap Company Is More Than a Soap Company

This summer I discovered this company Little Black Bird Soap Co. they created this amazing Java soap with fresh Daily Rise Coffee espresso grounds! I immediately fell in love with their Java soap bar and then just as fall rolled around they announced a PUMPKIN LATTE SOAP BAR! Made with espresso, creamy goat milk and pumpkin purée with hints of pumpkin spice and sweetened with whipped cream. The espresso grounds make a nice exfoliating and it just smells so good!

While we're talking about exfoliating, this stuff is amazing! Little sugar scrubs that you just add some water, it creates a paste and you scrub. Simple and they smell SO good! I had to slow down, because I was using them so much but I needed to get photos of them still.. No shame. 

They sent me a bunch of their favorite products, when the owner told me "I'm not a one trick pony." I didn't quite understand - but after experiencing SEVERAL different products, all of which were amazing! I completely understood that her talents ranged far and wide! 

I had never used a bath bomb before and boy have I been missing out! These are so cool! I also had a lot of fun shooting these bath bombs with Charissa Lee Photography - I've never sat in my bathtub fully clothed! 

This pink bath bomb was probably my favorite! I was a little hesitant to sit in the bubbles with this BRIGHT pink bath bomb but once I saw the soft pink I couldn't resist! So much fun, i'm officially hooked!

In my house there is no such thing as alone time, the little fur animals will sit and paw at the door even if you're just trying to enjoy a nice bath! I've just come to terms with it and I usually leave the door cracked for them. It's so funny to see Henry around water, he is genuinely really curious about what the heck is going on! Why is the human sitting in this stuff? He'll even put his paws in sometimes or sit on the ledge with me. 

Now i've never used a salve either, I was told that it can be put on ANYTHING! Burns, scrapes, cuts, bug bites, etc. I've been putting it on my Laparoscopy scar, after being in the sun in Hawaii it darkened up so i'm hoping the lavender will help it disappear! Also, my poor nose has been rubbed raw due to having to blow it or wipe it with tissue every few minutes and I just put a little on my nose and it helped it out so much! My nose is in much better shape due to this stuff!

This Detox Soleseife Liquid Soap is SO cool! This is a blend of green mango and juicy peaches. "Soleseife soaps are brine or salt water soaps that are becoming more populare because they are believed to offer the same benefits of salt soaks and traditional salt bars, helping to purify skin and helping with skin conditions due to the rich content of minerals found in salt." - Little Black Bird Soap Company 

This soap also has aloe and activated charcoal in it!

I cannot rave enough about this lotion! Its so silky, and smells so good! I'm extremely picky when it comes to lotions, I hate how sometimes you feel sticky afterwards or its just too heavy. That's not the case with this lotion! Black Raspberry Vanilla Goat Milk Lotion, you have my heart.

Kylee Blackbird Product Shoot-0075.jpg
Kylee Blackbird Product Shoot-0077.jpg

Last but certainly not least is this Pumpkin Cheesecake Chapstick! Oh my word you guys, this stuff is heaven. I have kept it in my pocket since the day I got it! I was a little hesitant about it at first, but now I just cannot get enough. I'm pretty sure Alec doesn't even remember what my normal lips smell like.

Little Black Bird Soap Company has a product for EVERYONE, I know at least one of these products you are thinking you need in your life! You can use coupon code "SOCIAAL" to receive 10% off your entire order. Also if you're local, skip the shipping charge! Use code "LOCAL" at checkout and arrange pick up! 

And a big shout out to my dear Charissa Lee Photography, she's always up to do last minute shoots with me and captures amazing photos. We took these just hours before I hopped on the plane to Hawaii!

Here are more favorite photos because I just can't help myself, I love them all!

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