Tips for Surviving Egg Retrieval

Besides being completely terrified that I was going to develop OHSS, I really had no idea what else to expect. I wasn't sure if i'd be in pain or if i'd have any appetite and its different for everyone so you can't always prepare the way someone else does!

I woke up from my egg retrieval EXTREMELY groggy, I feel like maybe they gave me too much anesthesia? Because i've never had such a hard time waking up from surgery! They had collected 28 eggs (was it really 28 eggs?!) and I remember Alec getting frustrated because I would ask him how many eggs they got, then i'd fall asleep, wake up and ask again. About 5 different times!

The day after is when it really hit me. When I woke up the day after transfer, I was not ready to tackle anything except my cell phone to cancel everything I had going on. By this day we had 19 eggs fertilized with ICSI.

Here are a few tips to help you avoid OHSS and have a healthy/quick recovery!

  1. Drink lots of fluids and electrolytes to help move all that extra fluid built up in your ovaries out of your body.  I had actually gained about 10 lbs by this point - all water weight. I drank a lot of water, then gatorade and then when I got sick of those I had watered down apple juice. You should always be drinking something.  This is a key to avoiding Ovarian Hyper Stimulation Syndrome (OHSS) and helps you de-bloat quicker.
  2. Going to the bathroom is a real pain.  For a couple of reasons - mostly because drugs make you constipated.  There, I put it out there! I've broken the barrier, we are discussing this right now! Take something. A laxative. Eat prunes. Drink prune juice. I personally opted for a fiber supplement. Do whatever the remedy is for that sort of thing and start it THE DAY OF YOUR TRIGGER SHOT and do it for a full week after the transfer.  Yes, it took a full week and I was not prepared for it ... So you should heed my advice and eat your fiber! 
  3. Avoid carbs and sugars. This will also help you avoid OHSS - so no white bread, pasta, or rice (also known as my 3 main food groups).
  4. There is a medication they will prescribe if they are worried about you developing OHSS, its to be taken at night and it causes dizziness. So for the week you are taking this medication you have to wake your spouse up every time you have to use the bathroom. Which is quite often because you're drinking 10,000x more fluid than you normally would. 

All together it took about 7 full days for me to be able to move around and do daily activities without feeling nausea, pain or any discomfort. You will also forget 95% of all the pain and misery as soon as your beautiful embryo(s) are transferred.

Kylee WilsonComment