Frozen Embryo Transfer Update

Things have been a little quiet around here as we try to figure out what the F*** is going on. Its been a rollercoaster getting through this cycle but i'm happy to report we've officially transferred our embryos and it went SO well! 

We started our frozen embryo transfer cycle at the end of November. I've had a hard time figuring out the words that are supposed to be used for this type of cycle, because technically an embryo transfer is where you actually transfer the embryos. And you can't call it an IVF cycle because that is In-Vitro Fertilization - which we have already done. So we will just stick with "Frozen Embryo Transfer Cycle". 

Going into our November cycle I was absolutely terrified. If you follow me on social media, you know that I just didn't think I could do this again. Then we had some complications and I thought "Wait! I can do this! Don't make me stop now!"

Once you are off birth control (one of the many weird parts of fertility treatments) you start Estrogen. The estrogen is meant to build up your lining nice and thick so that an embryo will stick in just a couple of weeks! However about halfway through my estrogen dose I had some spotting, and spotting that turned into a heavy flow and I was out. When we got in to the doctors my lining should have been a 7mm at the very least and instead there was basically nothing. Heres what we think caused this: 

1. I didn't have any spotting between the birth control and the estrogen - and you should.

2. I needed a higher dosage of estrogen to keep it the uterine lining in place. 

We were told we had to start over again. I did take this very hard, but before I told anyone I kind of knew what was going to happen and had my own little melt down. I had called and talked to the nurses and she said that they most likely will want to start over. So like I said, I knew, I knew that I'd have to jump into a 3rd cycle. By time the doctor confirmed it we were able to tell our friends, families and share it with all of you on Instagram and at this point I had accepted it. I mean I'm still pretty bitter over the situation, but at least i'm not balling my eyes out anymore. 

So you start over, and by start over I mean ALL THE WAY over - with birth control. After birth control we started estrogen again, but this time it was a much higher dose. Like double the dose I was on last cycle! 

This doubled dose made a smooth cycle for us though, and for that I am so thankful!

Transfer Day:


Earlier this week we transferred two little embryos. When we decided to do two embryos we also decided we would take our best quality embryo and our not so best quality embryo. Which isn't much, because they're all good quality, but they also rank them like AA, AB, BB, BA etc. It's super confusing. But when we showed up we found out they had thawed our two BEST quality embryos! I'm not entirely sure how I feel about this, because 1. those are my best ones! what if neither of them stick?! 2. does this raise the odds of twins?!

One thing we were worried about going into transfer day, was if they had survived the thaw. Freezing and thawing can be hard on the embryos and sometimes they don't make it. Luckily both of our little embryos survived and we still have 4 frozen.

The day of our transfer was so surreal, it felt like it had taken so long to get here that I was surprised how fast it actually came up! 

We started the day off with a big breakfast, then we made our way down to Sandy. We were early so in the car we did a quick manifestation meditation - which actually ended up being the same meditation we did right before we bought our house! It was extremely calming and it was nice to be centered before walking in. 

I of course showed up with a full bladder, which you're supposed to do, however I feel like they're ALWAYS running late. So I had to empty it half way - and yes it was extremely difficult to do!

Once we got back into the room where the transfer takes place we got the photo of our little embryos. It's so interesting to see them compared to our first embryo, since they were frozen they're still a little "collapsed" is how they explained it. The cell groups are really close together so I couldn't tell you which cell mass is the placenta to be and which is the baby to be - however I could tell you with our first embryo! I'm really happy they were thawed together and transferred together, its like they're little buddies already. 

This is the little embryos being sucked up into a little tube so they can be transferred.

This is the little embryos being sucked up into a little tube so they can be transferred.

Yet again the most uncomfortable part was the vaginal cleaning they have to do before they can put the catheter into the uterus. But this transfer seemed to happen SO much quicker than our last transfer. Before I knew it the embryos were transferred, and you could even see it on the ultrasound this time. 

After transfer our sweet doctor (who has helped us for the last year) offered to say a prayer for us and the embryos. I cried like a baby, it was so kind of him to do this. 

They told us we could stay as long as we needed, however with a full bladder I stayed laying down about as long as I could but that wasn't long! 

We are currently in the dreaded TWW (two week wait) and hopefully soon we will have some #OperationBabyWilson news for you all. 

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