Baseline Appointment & First Day of Stims

Milestone Cards by:  Calligraphy by Mel

Milestone Cards by: Calligraphy by Mel

We had our first appointment on Friday - which they also call the "baseline appointment". Basically they are making sure your ovaries are in the exact cycle day they want, they will do a follicle count to prepare you and the doctor for "stims" (stimulating medications) and they will do a blood draw to check your hormone levels.

Our doctor is not concerned at all with the amount off eggs I will be able to produce - we are counting about 27 follicles! This does not exactly mean we will be able to retrieve 27 eggs because not every follicle will contain an egg. 

With such a high number I am at risk for OHSS - Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome is caused by fertility medications and it's where your ovaries become too enlarged. Causing mild to severe side-effects. If this does happen, we have been advised that we may have to put off the transfer and freeze our embryos until my body is safe enough to carry the embryo again. 

This is absolutely not what we wanted to hear. We knew I had a high follicle count, and we knew I was at risk for OHSS because of this high count. However, we really hoped it was kind of a long shot, a worst case scenario type deal. 

We are asking for all of the prayers, love, positive vibes, whatever you believe in, sent our way! 

Medically - there is not much that can be done to prevent this. I am on a pretty low dosage of stimulation medications as it is, but there is still room for our doctor to lower the doses if he becomes worried. 

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We also jumped into our injections this weekend - aka: stims. I am so lucky that I only have to do one injection every evening - we were taught how to mix the Gonal-F and Menopur into one syringe! Most women are taking 2-3 injections per evening. Once we get a little closer I will be doing 2 but for now i'm just thankful for the 1!

Saturday was our first round and it was completely terrifying. We had both completely forgotten what the nurse had taught us, the instructions they sent home didn't make any sense, I'm still not even completely sure that we are doing it right. 

We have decided that Alec will administer all of my shots. This is just what works for us, it is not an option for all couples, you just have to do whats right for you. 

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