Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET)


As we jump into our second round of IVF there are some major differences that we have been preparing for. The frozen embryo transfer is a lot less invasive than a fresh transfer, it is also a little shorter of a cycle and WAY less expensive. 

The reason for all of these differences is because we already have the embryos, which is the expensive part of an IVF cycle. There are also the follicle growth and egg retrieval needles that are not necessary in a frozen transfer. 

I have prepared on the opposite spectrum of preparation for this cycle compared to our last. Our last cycle I had stopped drinking any alcohol months before our start date, I had done acupuncture, watched my diet, etc. This cycle I have taken things a lot easier, I have had beer with dinner whenever I want (you can technically drink alcohol up until your transfer date) I haven't done acupuncture because I am getting poked with enough needles, and mentally I am just in a completely different place.

A frozen embryo transfer will vary person to person, and doctor to doctor but this is our current plan:

Yet again, you start with birth control. Which makes me crazy and nauseas so I learned to take it at night to sleep through the nausea! 

Next I will move on to another hormone which will thicken and prepare the uterus for implantation. I will have to go in regularly for monitoring but nothing like a fresh transfer, mostly just ultrasounds to make sure everything is progressing.

A few days before the embryo transfer the previous hormone is halted and I will start Progesterone injections. Progesterone makes the uterine lining ready to have an embryo implant. These are the 1 and 1/2" needles that goes into your backside, it also gives me hives. Which apparently is common, the Progesterone is in a sesame oil and many patients can develop allergic reactions (Benadryl cream will be your best friend).

And just like that we are ready for the embryo transfer! At this point two (yes we have decided to transfer two!) little embryos will be thawed and transferred. Then there is the two week wait where we sit around and try not to go completely crazy. 

I plan to share our cycle and the differences but I am going to do it a little differently this time, this time we're going to keep the dates hush hush because after getting a negative pregnancy test and then messages asking "ARE YOU PREGNANT YET?" was completely heart wrenching.

Just know we will share the news as soon as possible, we know you're all as excited and anxious as we are!

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