Embryo Transfer + Frozen Embryo Update

Milestone Cards by:  Calligraphy by Mel

Milestone Cards by: Calligraphy by Mel

We really had no idea that we would be heading into our embryo transfer so quickly. We had hoped, prayed and I may have cried about it. Our doctor was just so worried about me developing OHSS that he really lowered our expectations. 

In a way I am secretly grateful, because it was such an exciting feeling being able to do it the way I wanted and had planned. Although I could have done without the extra stress!

We were told to arrive at the clinic on Monday, September 4th (Labor Day) and I was to have a full bladder. When your ovaries are swollen to the size of golf balls - it doesn't take much to fill up the bladder! However with it being Labor Day, or whatever reason, they were really behind and I had to sit with my full bladder for 35 minutes! 

Once they called us back, I promised if they let me empty my bladder I would fill it up just in time, they were a little hesitant but they allowed me! And sure enough, by time the doctor was ready for my transfer I felt like I was going to burst - AGAIN.

Before they had us back into the OR (operating room) we met with the doctor to go over our embryos development. If you remember on Day 3 we had all 19 growing, and 15 of them were doing great. I was so sad to hear that 4 of our embryos had completely stopped growing, several of them were falling behind, and we only had 1 good quality embryo in the blastocyst stage that was ready for transfer! This was such a huge shock after we thought so many were doing perfectly. This is just how it works, there are so many things and the numbers just funnel down into the best of the best. 

We had Alec's mom - Shelli - tag along with us to take some photos and experience the whole ordeal, and we are so thankful she did. It is definitely something we will all treasure and be thankful for.

There are so many things I wish I had known when doing IVF, I have read SO many blogs, social media posts, etc. but there are just somethings that I'm like "why the hell did nobody prepare me for this?!" the embryo transfer was one of them.

I'm going to get a little TMI over here so continue scrolling until you see the next line to finish reading.

Before they can start the transfer they must do a "vaginal cleaning" this is where they use a solution that they also actually use when cleaning sperm, freezing embryos, and freezing sperm. They do this because there is a mucus layer around the cervix that prevents any bacteria from entering the uterus. But the doctor needs to get through the cervix with his little tube to transfer the embryo without getting any debris stuck. 

This may have been the worst part, I'm just here to tell you it happens, its not fun, and I wish someone had told me that an embryo transfer wasn't just the transferring of the embryo!

Transferring of the embryo is one of the most magical things I have ever experienced in my life. They have a big screen on the wall and we were able to watch the embryologist pull up our little embryo and bring them over to the doctor. 


At first I was just a little teary, but seeing my little embryo coming back to me I couldn't hold myself together. Between seeing our little embryo journey and Alec rubbing my arm to comfort me - I gave up on wiping the tears, plus i'm sure the doctor and nurse did not appreciate all the movement. 

It was so quick and beautiful and I just can't explain the feeling I have for this little embaby. 

After the transfer our doctor allowed me to get up right away and use the restroom - everyone's doctor is different and every doctor has different beliefs. Some people lay back for 10-30 minutes after the transfer but my doctor didn't want my bladder pressure to upset my uterus. He actually said that studies have shown that laying down after decreases the chance of pregnancy. 

I ran to the bathroom (okay not run, because if you know me I don't run) and took care of business. I caught myself in the mirror and looked down at my belly where my new little embryo was making its home.

After the embryo transfer we got dressed and I was to be a couch potato the rest of the day. The doctor said to keep my bladder empty, but I didn't necessarily need to stay laying down or kick my feet in the air for the next 24 hours. 

I have to tell you guys - we stopped at this place called Empanada Express in Sandy on our way home and it was the most delicious thing I may have ever eaten! You all must try it.

I spent the rest of the day in bed, eating empanadas, I did positivity meditations, I watched tons of Netflix and since i'm never not working I finished up some projects. 


We received  our frozen embryo update today - there are 6 frozen embryos waiting for us! This was such incredible news. We were extremely worried that we wouldn't have any after what we were told yesterday. We have 3 good quality, and 3 fair quality. All little baby Wilson's just hanging out.


Next step for us is wait. I am currently considered "Pregnant Until Proven Otherwise" (aka: PUPO). Though we still need to sit patiently for what is called the Two Week Wait (aka: TWW) and I know this wait well. However there is a lot more pressure and anxiety with this one, theres a lot more money invested and all we can do is think positive. We do have plans to help pass our tww - we have some travels coming up that will be sure to take our minds off things.

We cannot thank everyone enough for all the love and support. This has been an emotional ride, and we are just so blessed to be surrounded by an incredible circle. 

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