Egg Retrieval + Embryo Update #1


Yesterday all of the eggs i've been cooking up were collected - I wasn't too worried about this procedure. It's fairly quick, no pain (except after) I just wish I had someone to prepare me for the healing process!

We drove up to Sandy bright and early in the morning, and it was all relatively quick. We checked in, were called back, and as soon as I had changed into my gown I was meeting the doctor, nurses and anesthetist. 

Once back in the OR I was able to meet the embryologist (aka: our babies first babysitter). While she asked me questions the anesthetist hooked up my IV and as soon as she was finished he said "Okay, here we go!". I remember feeling really sleepy and then I closed my eyes!

I woke up to Alec and the nurse, apparently I asked them about 5 times how many eggs were retrieved - however I don't feel like that is as embarrassing as I could have been! The doctor had collected 28 eggs! This is incredible, and so amazing.


As soon as I got some water and was ready to change, the nurse taught Alec how to administer the Progesterone injections. Oh yes! More shots! You thought we were done didn't you? 

I currently have two HUGE sharpie circles on my butt, showing Alec where to poke me with these 1 & 1/2 inch needles. These progesterone injections will be administered AT LEAST 17 days, and if we get a positive pregnancy test it will go until I am 10 weeks.

I then got dressed, still only a little uncomfortable, and we headed home (after stopping for tacos of course). Then once home I crawled into bed with my little fur babies. Our appointment was at 8am and we were home by 11am! 

Uncomfortable would be the best way to explain how I felt day 1 - nothing too serious. I did take a little Tylenol (since you're not allowed to take anything else) but I mostly slept. I only ate a little bit but mostly because i'm so bloated, that if my stomach puts anymore pressure on the rest of me I might burst. 

Bloating, tiredness, cramps, all normal things to experience after the egg retrieval. My body just went through something very traumatic and it's letting me know that it is not happy!

This morning, however, I felt TERRIBLE. I could barley make it out of my bedroom without having to sit and rest. Once I got some food in my stomach, and water, lots of water, I started to feel a little better. I can now make it downstairs without 3 pit stops!

I have been told so many different things about this healing process. Whether it takes 1-2 days to feel better or up to 10 days. Everyone is different, hopefully I can relax enough to feel better quicker. 

I am still being watched very closely to ensure OHSS doesn't happen. I am on two prescriptions, Estradiol and Cabergoline. Both to help prevent OHSS from developing and to help prepare my body for a fresh embryo transfer. 

As of right now we still do not know if we will be doing a fresh transfer, or waiting and freezing our embryos for a frozen transfer later down the road. All signs point to fresh transfer, however it all depends on how I feel over the next few days.

Embryo Update:

Of the 28 eggs retrieved, there were 27 of them that were mature enough for fertilization. Of those 27 fertilized, 19 have grown into healthy little embryos! We have 19 little embryos! 

These little ones have a long way to go, they need to continue growing and developing without any abnormalities until day 5 (transfer day). 

We will receive another update on them, on Saturday. Everyone just think happy little embryo thoughts and pray they continue to grow! 

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