Day 3 - Embryo Update

Photo by:  Portraits by Meg

Today we received the best news we possibly could have hoped for. I never would have dreamed of such great numbers but as of today ALL of our 19 little embryos are still growing! 

Yesterday they let our little embryos rest, and do their thing and today is considered day 3. On day 3 they hope to see each embryo with 6-10 cells dividing, as well as no fragmentation and the cells must be very even, regular, and similarly sized.

Here is an example of a "high quality" embryo vs. a "low quality"


They rank embryos on a scale from excellent to poor - however the nurse told me that they very rarely give an embryo an excellent stamp.

To break down each of our embryos - we have:

5 - 8 cell embryos that are considered good quality

10 - 10 cell embryos that are considered good quality

4 - 6 cell embryos that are considered fair quality

Overall there are 15 that are looking as good as we could have hoped, the smaller cell embryos still have time to catch up.

I couldn't help but cry after this incredible news, our little embryos have received so many prayers, good vibes and love, that I can't imagine they would have a hard time growing. I could have never prepared myself for the love I have for these little embryos that could someday be little mini Alec's and me's. 

I am beyond excited to say that we have a fresh transfer scheduled for MONDAY. We will be transferring one of these little embryo's back, then we will wait a couple weeks to find out if they decided to stick. 

I'm not sure what helped me, the doctors, the medications, the prayers, the blessings, the amount of water I drank or all the meditating I did but I somehow went right passed OHSS. I am feeling so much better today, I'm just really nauseas all the time, however that is a side effect of the medications they have me on. They are sending me something today to help ease the nauseas and THANK GOD because I could not stand another night/day of it. 

Everyone think sticky thoughts - as of Monday I will be "pregnant until proven otherwise".

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