IVF Calendar

There are so many things that are uncertain once you decide to do IVF. And even right now there are things that I have no clue what the hell is going on! For example, we have no clue what our medications are going to cost. We are just expected to pay the bill in a few days?! Okay thats kind of a lie, I bugged the nurses enough to have them calculate an estimate for us, but they still don't know for sure if that number is going to be high or low. 

One thing I found hard was not knowing what dates everything would be taking place. I searched Google and blogs and different fertility websites just looking for a calendar. Whats hard about these calendars is they can change! Your body may react better to the medications making your dates go a couple days quicker. However, it still helped to get this calendar and to be able to look it over. I was able to tell people when i'd be down from the egg retrieval and I can plan what family events and activities i'll be able to make it to throughout the next month. It just helps the planner within!

So below I have attached our calendar for our August 18th start date. 

There are so many terms in here that I realize you'd have no idea what they meant unless you've gone through the process, or done a lot of reading. Please feel free to message or comment with any questions! Honestly, Google was a great help as well! 

We have already scheduled a lot of our first appointments just to make sure that we get in when we need too. Which is also what the nurses reccommend as soon as you receive your calendar. 

It's crazy to see the next few months of our lives mapped out. Even all the way to the end of an expected date of delivery! Is this real life? 

Bonus points if you can tell me why that due date is going to be extra special?!

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