IVF Step One: Birth Control

If you read my last post - just know all is good. 

After waiting for my cycle to start for almost 4 weeks, we tried a prescription and I tried supplements, and just about everything Google had to offer. 

I also started acupuncture and she worked on points that would help trigger my cycle and sure enough, the next morning it finally began!

Once you begin your cycle before IVF you're put on birth control. Using birth control pills before a treatment cycle has been shown to potentially improve odds of success. Also, it may decrease the risk of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome and ovarian cysts.

Birth control is really not my favorite thing, at all. I don't like hormones, let alone hormones that aren't mine! But here I am about to be pumped full of every different kind. 

I am just taking the pill, but it makes me crazy and nauseas. Not the best duo, but I just have to remind myself what we're working towards!

We are also finishing up all of our paperwork, lots of signatures and then we will order the rest of the medications. I will also be scheduling a few of the first couple appointments to begin monitoring. 


We have been given a calendar that has broken down when everything will be going down. This may however change, it just depends on how my body reacts to the medications.

You may also remember, Alec has been doing acupuncture as well. Plus taking a lot of herbal supplements, that should help with his overall numbers. We did one last test in hopes that something had changed. However, nothing did.

Because his numbers have not changed we will still be going forward with ICSI. I really hoped that something would change, but we would need the overall numbers to go up by about 10 million. 

I'm trying not to be too bummed out by this, it was just a little hope we had, one last effort before we moved on with our IVF plan. 

Step two begins mid August - in a month from today!

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